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1990 Châteauroux, France

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Jimmy Alcala Casado a.k.a ASU is a contemporary and urban artist who uses calligraphy as a mode of expression.  The artist's abstract calligraphies can make us think of a sacred and forgotten language, mystical, whose curves and colours are directly inspired by different philosophies.  Asu deciphers his own complexity through his art, with the sole aim of transmuting his being, in order to reach a certain form of inner peace and contemplation. A true introspective quest, he considers his work as a permanent duality in search of unity, situated between the void and the full, shadow and light, static and yet in movement.  His work has taken on a new artistic dimension since he placed the work of the material at the centre of his reflection; like an alchemist, he finds symbolic answers through different plastic research that revolves around textures, impastos, tools, and that allow new contrasts, new colours, and new vibrations to appear.  The result is a profound work inspired by the sacred, textured, sublimated by subtle calligraphy with a great mastery of gesture.

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36 x 46 x 4 cm

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