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Emeric Chantier

1986 France

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Emeric Chantier (born in 1986, Montreuil) is a French sculptor, living and working in Paris, who interrogates the place and the condition of humans in nature in a trans-generational, universal and atemporal fashion. His career began in 2006 in workshops in teams of artists performing decorative works for architects, private individuals or prestigious brands. He thus learned sculpture, integrated the techniques of "model making" and touched on the great diversity of know-how skills. From that time he also captured the requirements of execution, the quest for quality and meaning. This pool of expertise was the revelation of his own aspirations, the crucible of his future territory of expression. For several years, he has been producing highly acclaimed and enthusiastic works, which challenge both the meticulousness of the execution, the originality of the subjects studied and the subjects tackled, borrowed from humanism, poetry and commitment. Emeric Chantier is a self-taught artist. His work has affinities with the world of miniatures. However, avoiding the pitfall of a decorative and anecdotal figuration, he relies on molding and gluing techniques. Integrating dried vegetables and industrial and household materials, he assembles and diverts the elements with extreme meticulousness to compose works that offer multiple readings, both in form and in the meaning. While maintaining his singular technique, he constantly renews his universe of expression, always refined, surprising, sensitive and inspired by strong symbolisms. Nature then becomes an element of language. "On the one hand, my work is linked to the nature and the relationship that man can have with the latter, a confrontation with our origins, an ecological awareness of the preciousness of our "mother nature" source of all life, a subject that Is important to me and should, in my view, be part of a collective consciousness. On the other hand, it seems important to me not to fall into a moralizing discourse, simply to illustrate the entity of the living and confront it at times with the productions of man. These sculptures take the form of anatomical parts of man or his creations that furnish his daily life so that he can identify with them without yet becoming a target. These are simple poetic narratives that must speak for themselves. It is also important to show a work of meticulousness and quality, so that the observer after reading the general form, can approach it and forget it in order to get lost in a universe swarming with life. "E.C

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