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1969 Chile

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Flavien Demarigny a.k.a. Mambo / 1969 / Franco-Hungarian born in Santiago du Chili / Usa. This self-taught artist worked with La Force Alphabétique, a collective of mural painters, from 1986 to 1997, and joined 9ème Concept in 1998. He has simultaneously worked on his own pieces and on a number of other projects - he created the logo and décor, and wrote the graphic guidelines, for Groland, an acerbic weekly newsreel on french TV. Mambo is a probing painter, travelling designer and observant graphic artist. His work is figurative and currently reflects modern society’s icons, well-known visual codes, pictograms and so on. He uses the popular imagery that the media and consumer society convey and has honed the visual identity’s myriad forms into his own style - then added his own codes. The instantly-recognisable clues he peppers around his work tie in with our culture’s memory. Mambo sees his creations as reflections of the world: they are overwhelmed by an overdose of information, and they raise questions. But the critical eye on the modern world is only part of the picture: there is still something lyrical about his takes; and that hallmark humour-dotted poetry.

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