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United Kingdom

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Predelina is known for her on-going fascination in the idea of the boundary between fiction and reality, starting from Plato’s cave theory, to Picasso’s constructions to Fontana’s spatialism, to most recently the work of Julia Crabtree & William Evans who examine the relationship between the body and the screen. From these influences, each painting from Predelina is based on an abstract looking landscape such as caves, cliffs and mountains. The allegory is probably related to Plato's theory of Forms, according to which the "Forms" (or "Ideas"), and not the material world known to us through sensation, possess the highest and most fundamental kind of reality. The paintings are expressive paintings full of energy. They are produced using a palette knife working with a limited but distinct colour scheme of blues, greys, browns and greens, broken up with contracting specs of bright colours. Each painting is made to a high standard using high quality art materials based on a large scale representation of a natural image torn between reality and the imagination.