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Tommaso Ottieri

1971 Italy

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Tommaso Ottieri, born in 1971 in Naples. He studied architecture at the University Federico II of Naples and at the Robert Gordon School of Architecture di Aberdeen (UK). In 1996 he graduated with a thesis on bio-architecture applied to the restoration of Naples’s Harbor in 1990-95. During the same year Ottieri won a M.I.T Leonardo da Vinci’s program studying grant and decided to go to the Cicladi Island (Greece) to study the body of rules of biocompatible art and architecture. After this experience, he moved to Santorini and lived there for two years working as an architect and opening a painting workshop in Oia. In 1998 he founded the Architectural studio MERO, Palazzo Montemiletto, Naples, together with Pietro Renna. During that same year he received a Masters Degree in Executive Planning in bio- architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Unviersity Federico II of Naples. Great architects and artists are his source of inspiration, beside the great master of which he tries to follow suit. His research is oriented towards the definition of highly saturated scenarios, visually and chromatically, to propose a vision of the urban landscape and to seek a role in its construction. Ottieri portrays opulent buildings and cityscapes, modern and historical at the same time, using shades of red, blue and golden yellow. His artwork seeks to achieve expressive and emotional quality.

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