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To Dream, to Collect


Sophie Stinglhamber


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Sophie Stinglhamber was born in Goma, Congo. The events of that time change the destiny of her family taking them to establish themselves on the Island of Ibiza. Sophie spends her childhood on the idyllic island of the 60's. With no fear and without danger, running across the almond tree fields. After her adolescence, she traveled to Belgium to complete her art studies at CAD (Centre des Arts Décoratifs) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She continues working in different creative disciplines among which fashion and fine jewelry designer which have led her to the creation of SUSTAINABLE ART asbl, LÔ EN CONSCIENCE and the CARD POST ART concept while establishing and managing the NGO ACTION INNOCENCE in Belgium. For her, art and its usefulness must be connected to the different actors who support the same cause. Her professional experience focuses on the memory of human evolution and its consequences on the mineral, vegetable, animal and human worlds. In order to express her ideas, she gets inspiration from different artistic currents, such as ephemeral art, environmental art, street art, conceptual art, immediate art and living art. In her artistic path she investigates different fields such as performances, installations and interactions. Between 2008 and 2015, her work evolves within closed spaces, focusing specially on the medium of photography integrating objects and sculpting over the photo paper searching to overcome the flat image to reach a new 3D vision. From 2015, she reflects and concentrates on the use of art and the relevance of producing art in-situ. For her, art and its usefulness must be connected to the different actors who support the same cause.

Works by Sophie Stinglhamber

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