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Saba Masoumian

1982 Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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Saba Masoumian was born in Tehran in 1982, now lives and works in Bologna. With a BA in Graphic Design from Azad University in Tehran, she currently studies painting at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts. Her works are on display in public collections at the Della Torre Civic Museum in Treviglio, the Monza Civic Museum, and the Adria Archeological Museum sponsored by Cartiere del Polesine Paper mills. She won both the City of Treviglio Art Prize and the San Fedele Prize in 2016, and the City of Monza Art Prize in 2015. She has been mentioned by Saeb Eigner in Art of the Middle East, Merrell Publishers, London, presented by Lu Peng in "Dimension of Civilization" at the Museum of Contemporary Art di Yinchuan’s inaugural show. Her work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions and collective shows in Bologna, Dubai, London, Milano, New York, Rovigo, Teheran, and Treviglio.

Her most important solo shows include: 2017 – A distant Echo, Villa Contemporanea, Monza, text by Leda Lunghi; 2017 – The dream of body, Museo Civico Ernesto e Teresa Della Torre, Treviglio, (BG), curated by Sara Fontana; 2016 – In-A-Box, Sponge Living Space, Pergola; 2016 - Metamòrphosis, Galleria San Fedele, Milano; 2014 – Butterflies in My Stomach, XVA Gallery, Dubai; 2010 – I’ve Been Left in Your Room, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran. Her most important collective shows include: 2017 – Playing Scenic, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna; 2016 –Esodo, Galleria San Fedele, Milano; 2016 – This House, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran; 2011 – Breakfast in Tehran, Frameless Gallery, London; 2009 – 1001 Colors, Canvas Gallery, New York. Her main participations include: 2016 – Concorso Giovani Talenti, Della Torre Civic Museum and Spazio Sanpaolo Invest, Treviglio; 2016 – Limited Access Festival, Aaran Projects di Aaran Gallery, Teheran; 2015 – Biennale Giovani Monza, Palazzo dell’Arengario, Monza; 2013 – Rivers of A.I.R., Pescheria Nuova, Rovigo. Residencies: 2015 and 2016 – The San Fedele Visual Arts Prize, San Fedele Cultural Center, Milano Guest: 2016 – A,M,O (Arte-Marche-Oltre), Cagli, Fano, Pergola, Pesaro, and Senigallia

Works by Saba Masoumian

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