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Ronak Moshiri

1983 Theran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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Iranian/Canadian painter born in Tehran, currently living in Florence. Ronak Moshiri, an artist able to use the palette as the poets make use of words. Talking images that are imprinted on the innermost crevices of the canvas, as the ink filters through the yellowed pages of epic texts. The essence of these paintings stems precisely from the legendary deeds of heroes who have always caught the attention of their own civilizations. In the painter’s hand, the brush is sometimes turned into a pen, able to make fragmented sentences appear on the painting itself.

Modern man feels the necessity to take his time back, almost as if it always try to slip away in moments which, empty of awareness, one follows another with no poetry. Getting our own inner dimension back through the investigation of oneself is a rightful necessity and that has to be pursued, which art can facilitate in a completely natural way. Facing Ronak Moshiri’s works means to have a possibility to dive in a narrative dimension essential for the soul. In a tradition that since the furthest times leads man beyond images and words, to reunite him, through these, with the most true and significant part of his own soul. Distinguished storyteller, the artist is the link to the Persian tradition in a completely contemporary way, preserving its lyrical depth and introspective ability. The treatment of the pictorial background makes the figures stand out from a dimension that doesn’t pertain only to matter but that is also spiritual, where formal elements find their appropriate place. Working on matter with deviations frequently monochromatic the artist creates a timeless dimension, inside which the figures can float taking shelter from an exterior which seems not belonging to them. The artistic research is for the artist an introspective analysis: the space for action, limited by an enveloping and circular gesture, radiates from the centre with the power and the immediacy of a memory that comes back to mind, once the stone is thrown in the stillness of the memory’s surface, leaving a bright halo to define forms. The word is used to complete the compositional system, with refined inserts of visual poetic which makes intangible elements join together, in a balanced meeting between laity and sanctity. Figures come to the surface as from a mystic vision, beauty reveal itself in symbolic shapes which, finding a place on the canvas, remember to the viewer the importance of feelings as the first means to rejoin with the divine: appearance becomes poetry, poetry becomes ecstasy, and the outlines of figures emanate creative energy. If lyric is the language of an invisible world where, according to the Persian tradition, who writes is sovereign, painting converts in light and shadow the shades of the most hidden inner self, mystic and sacral language, able to interpret and pass on the enriching experience of the unknown. In his Mathnawi the poet Rumi stated that words are nests and “meanings are winged creatures already flying. Bodies are like rivers and the Soul is their peaceful flowing.” In Ronak Moshiri’s works there is a serenity that, through the artistic gesture, brings again to the confrontation with our most true inner self and the priority of rediscovering its most authentic essence, revealing to us at the same time the existence of a salvific world that once upon a time but can and must be still an integral part of the human existence.

Francesca Bogliolo

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