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Rita Minelli was born in Cento (Ferrara). Now she lives in Bologna. After high school she enrolled in the scenography course at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, willing to discover and explore space in its every expressive and narrative possibility. During her academic studies, she carried forward both painting and scenography : on one side Rita painted faces and dreamlike creatures on canvas, on the other she designed and built wooden models. Two worlds that, if at first might have seemed apart, eventually came together bringing to life her wooden compositions and Tridimensional Worlds. Rita graduated in scenography with honours, and she still is walking her artistic path across sets and exhibitions in galleries and events.She sometimes engages in writing poems and rhymes, through which she creates her Tridimensional Worlds. She organized No-profit artistic events bringing up together emerging and famous artists. She held conferences on architectural language through animation, connecting and melting different topics and times: architecture, history of art, music, etc… Spreading the tight connection between outside and inside. Simultaneously she does spiritual researches that translate in the material and vice versa, in a continuous exchange and in a deep harmony that never slits. Since forever she deeply investigates the creative Power of Art between Spirit and Material, symbols and archetypes. Rita thinks that esotericism, magic, spirituality and daily reality are two faces of the same coin.


"I segni del Risveglio" Sant'Andrea Gallery, Parma

Tenth edition of "International Art Biennial of Rome" 2014

"Poèmes de Bois" Fantomas Gallery, Bologna 2014

"Il tempo dell'ascolto...L'ascolto del tempo" at "Rassegna X" of Italian Microeditoria

Plaumann Art Gallery, Milano, 2014

Winner of "PMR Museo Piermaria Rossi Prize", Berceto, Parma 2014