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Patricia Larsen

1953 Mexico

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Based in Mexico. Many who experience a painting of Patricia Larsen think it’s the work of a Zen monk, someone who’s mastered the elements of purity - but it’s Larsen’s memories of playing in Albertan prairie fields that melt into her images. “Beauty is in the juxtaposition of things, its energies working together in harmony and disharmony. Sometimes beauty is in the resistance and the tension, and sometimes it’s in complete surrender.” Patricia didn’t begin formal art studies until she was in her thirties, in between life in Toronto, New York City, Washington, Red Deer, Hawaii, Salt Spring Island and finally Vancouver BC. Larsen is presently living and painting in the southern tip of the Baja, in Pescadero Mexico, with her new pup Enzo.

Exhibitions 2015 Brandon Reese and Patricia Larsen - Exhibit By Aberson

Works by Patricia Larsen

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