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Paolo Ceribelli

1978 Italy

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Paolo Ceribelli was born on July 8, 1978. He starts his artistic journey with a series of works focusing on the stylization of common everyday gestures; he then experiments with oil – painting with his hands – and later he devotes himself to casting plaster. In 1998 the one-man show Ignoti collects his work. In 1999 he cooperates with a group of writers and non-profit associations, and together they work on a photographic project on mural art in disused industrial areas. This experience brings him back to working on canvas using new materials, silicon and wall stucco among them. The results are three abstract projects Macchie di vita, Attirare lo sguardo, Solchi Materici in 2000. The abstract project Attirare lo sguardo, with its large use of spray acrylic colors and silicon is displayed in two exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In the 2003 Superm-Art project the attention on daily gestures, caught in their repetitiveness, is expressed in a mixed technique that uses collage of retail advertising materials and acrylic paint. The year 2006 is a creative turning point towards a new artistic research in the area of techniques and themes. Soldiers is born. Soldiers draws together clashing written statements and easily recognizable plastic objects, which work as visual stimuli that go beyond the playful aspect of the object. Playing with toy soldiers, a favorite pastime of children from the most diverse social, cultural, and generational backgrounds, is very far from being innocuous, in this respect resembling most team games that to date are still part of juvenile and adult lives. There is no use denying that many of them are characterized by different measures of brutality. Paolo magnifies tenfold and underscores these valences immersing the diminutive anthropomorphic sculptures in monochromatic baths and making them resurface as unwitting protagonists of his works, massing them, making them uniform, arrangin them on the canvas so as to form maps and territories, flags and alignments, targets and playing fields. There is a bodily movement in the manipulation of the material and especially in the arrangement of the tiny soldier-figures on the canvas to which the artist accords great importance, because in this “doing” every structure takes on a meaning and every shaping of space incarnates variations of values. His works are plastic, three-dimensional, and they transcend the bounds of classical frontal appreciation to become tested and evaluated from more points of view.

Selected Solo and Group Shows

Milano, 25/28, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte.
Bruxelles,Fondation Lumar, Barricades Installation, curato da Pa&Pa Arte.
Honk Hong, AAF, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Genova, Arte Genova, Galleria Studio Rossetti.
Brescia, Phospenes, Per_Capita Arte contemporanea.
New York, AAF, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Bruxelles, AAF, Art Unity Gallery.
Lille, Art Up Lille; Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart

Torino, Neon Gallery, War Pigs, curato da Simone Sacchi.
Torino, Paratissima Festival, Barricades Installation, curato da Francesca Canfora.
Barberino di Mugello, Duende, Per-capita arte contemporanea.
Pavia, Neon Gallery, Politica Ideali Violenza Amore, curato da Enrico Crispolti.
Milano, Solo Show_Pa&Pa Arte, “Limit is a mindset”, curato da Cristina Trivellin.
Londra, AAF Hampsted, Art Unity Gallery.
Basilea, Scope Basel, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Parma, Parma 360° Festival,Barricades Installation, curato da Chiara Canali e Camilla Mineo.
Bruxelles, AAF, Art Unity Gallery.
Scarperia, Firenze, Per-capita arte contemporanea, 37.2 Le matin.
Londra, AAF Battersea, Art Unity Gallery.
New York, AAF, Gallerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Genova, Arte Genova, Galleria Studio Rossetti.
Bruxelles,Fondation Ukmer, Barricades Installation, curato da Jonathan Jossart e William Hoek.

Parigi,Solo Show_Galerie Barrou Planquart, Tutto Torna…curato da Virginie Planquart.
Miami, Scope Miami Beach, Gallerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Como,Streetscape 5 Street and urban art festival, Barricades Installation, curato da Chiara Canali e Ivan Quaroni.
New York, Art Southampton, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Londra, AAF Hampsted, Art Unity Gallery.
Basilea, Scope Basel, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Milano,HQ-Headquarter,Ce n’est q’un debut, curato da Mario Giusti.
Bruxelles, AAF Bruxelles, Art Unity Gallery.
Knokke le Zoute, Belgio, Art Unity Gallery, Group Show.
New York, AAF New York, Gallerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Parma,Rez-Artecontemporanea, Parma 360° Festival, curato da Chiara Canali.
Genova, Arte Genova, Galleria Studio Rossetti.

Knokke le Zoute, Belgio, Art Unity Gallery, “Op”, curato da William Hoek e Jonathan Jossart.
Padova, Solo Show_Nodo Gallery e Ars-now Seragiotto, Tutto torna… curato da Mauro Casotto.
Miami, Scope Miami Beach, Gallerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Pavia, Palazzo Vistarino,Guernica 2.0, curato da Simone Sacchi.
Barberino di Mugello, Per-capita arte contemporanea, Group Show, curato da Donato Muschio Schiavone.
Amsterdam, AAF Amsterdam, Al_quindici Arte Contemporanea.
Torino, Paratissima, Useless Army, curato da Francesca Canfora.
Bruxelles, B19 and Art Unity Gallery, Group Show, curato da John Alexander Bogaerts.
Todi, Palazzo morelli Fine art,Vedo nero, curato da Eufemia Voto.
New York, AAF New York, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Cremona, VIII Biennale di Soncino, Nuovicodici, curato da Chiara Canali.
Basilea, Scope Basel, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Milano, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte- MagArt, Gli eclettici, curato da Davide Rampello.
Londra, AAF Hampstead, Art Unity Gallery.
Reggio Emilia, Rez-Artecontemporanea, The art food valley, curato da Chiara Canali.
Hong Kong, AAF Hong Kong,Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.
Bruxelles, AAF Bruxelles, Art Unity Gallery.
Genova, Arte Genova, Galleria Studio Rossetti.

Principato di Monaco, Y.A. curato da Paola Magni.
Milano, AAF Milano, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte.
Les Baux De Provence,Francia,A-part Festival international d’art contemporain, curato da Leïla Voigth.
Verona, Art Verona, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte.

Principato di Monaco, Solo Show_Yacht Club, Circles, curato da Paola Magni e Thomas De Brouwer.
Bergamo,Italcementi Art_Project, curato da Pa&Pa Arte.
Mantova, Palazzo Te,Orientalmente_Mantegna Cercasi, curato da Alberto Mattia Martini.
Losanna, Leo Burnett,The open gate session, curato da Giovanni Busacca.
Milano, AAF Milano, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte.
Bergamo, Baf, Galleria Alquindici.
Los Angeles, Logitech Art_Project, curato da Simone Sacchi e Braken Darrel.
Lugano, Safra Gallery, Group Show.

Principato di Monaco,Solo Show_Asset Management, Paolo Ceribelli, curato da Karin Torriani.
Roma, Roma Contemporary, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte.
Todi,Palazzo Morelli Fine Art, A little les conversationa little more action Please!, curato da Eufemia Voto.
Verona, Art Verona, Al_quindici Arte Contemporanea.
Torino, La Contemporanea Art Gallery e Antonio NardoneGalerie, X-mas Project, curato da Nicoletta Pecile e Antonio Nardone.
Padova, Arte Padova, T.A.C. Arte contemporanea.
Milano,Naeli Associazione Culturale,E’vento Green, curato da Francesco Vitali, Lea Contestabile, Vittorio Piaggi.
Brescia, Arteingenua and Gruppo Saottini,Live art, curato da Anna Leopaldo.
Milano, AAM, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte.
Bruxelles,Face Of Africa, Charity Auction.
Genova, Arte Genova, Al_quindici Arte Contemporanea.

Bruxelles, Solo Show_In_Store Gallery, Soldiers, curato da William Hoek and Frédérique Pauporté.
Milano, Hq-Headquarter,Pik’s, curato da Mario Giusti.
Piacenza, Arte Piacenza, Al_quindici Arte Contemporanea.
Torino, Paratissima,012 PRO-etica PRO-fetica PO-etica, curato da Chiara Canali.
Roma, Museo degli Archivi di stato, La macchina dello stato, curato da Enrica Melossi.
Milano, AAF Milano, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte.
Pisa, Per-Capita arte contemporanea, curato da Donato Muschio Schiavone,Group Show.

Works by Paolo Ceribelli

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26 x 13 x 13 cm


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