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Nicola Villa

1976 Italy

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Born in 1976, Lecco, Italy. Lives and works in Genoa. In 2004 he received a degree in architecture from the Politecnico of Milan, whereupon he decided to devote himself to painting. The artist is particularly keen on depicting the human condition, detailing in his painting images derived from his daily walks through the streets. The life of Villa’s characters belongs to a story without plot, where figures chase one another beyond their physical presence into an imaginative athmosphere of elusive, subtle anxiety that surrounds all of us.

Personal exhibitions

Crocevia, storie di volti tra mari e città, curated by Michele Tavola, Spazio aperto San Fedele, Milano
Controluce, curated by Lorenza Salamon, Salamon Galllery, Milano
Appunti e spunti, curated by Oreste Bellinzona, Galleria Bellinzona, Milano
Burned frames for urban papers,curated by Michele Tavola , Contact Zone contemporary art gallery, Lugano
Controluce, curated by Michele Tavola and Chris Boicos, Chris Boicos Fine Art, Paris.

Di navi,di uomini, di pesci, curated by Luca Beatrice, Tedofra Artgallery, Bologna.

Ladro di biciclette, curated by Oreste Bellinzona, Galleria Bellinzona, Milano.

Urban Visions, curated by Michele Tavola, Galerie Beckel Odille Boicos, Paris

Urbano-Mediterraneo, curated by Pietro Montone, Associazione culturale Monteggiori Arte, Monteggiori.
Dessins-Gravures, curated by Oreste Bellinzona, Salon de l’estampe et du livre ancien, Grand Palais, Paris.

Urbano-Mediterraneo, curated by Pietro Montone, Mimmo Scognamiglio arte contemporanea, Napoli.
Incisioni, curated by Lorenza Salamon, Galleria Salamon, Milano.

Entrée Reservee, curated by Oreste Bellinzona, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio.

Walking in the city, curated by Fabrizio Moretti, Ruggero Montrasio, Francesca Gavin, Moretti Fine Art, London.

Dallo sguardo al volto impossibile; curated by Stefano Crespi ,Lodovico Meneghetti, Raffaele Bedarida, Montrasioarte/Galleria Bellinzona; Milano.

Prospettive, nuove proposte artistiche; curated by Michele Tavola; Villa Sirtori,Olginate.

Nicola Villa; curated by Giorgio Seveso, Galleria Mosaico; Chiasso.

Works by Nicola Villa

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