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Mimmo Iacopino

1962 Italy

2 Works exhibited



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Mimmo Iacopino was born in Milan in 1962, where he still lives and works. Iacopino forms part of photography of still life, 25-year experience that would lead to even his particular art direction. Since 1986 it began to experiment first with the pictorial language conventional means, then by using different materials. Following the principle Dadaist works its welcome indeed unusual compositional elements, such as mouliné cotton threads, strips of velvet, satin, tailor meters, benchtop, rulers, thermometers, pieces of sheet music and literature. Materials out of context with respect to their usual field of existence, made in the artistic elements and compounds in the warp and woof geometric or arithmetic inspired modulations, according to mathematical rules of orderly madness Maurice knew how carefully read Sciaccaluga at a personal, Cinquantasettegradi, held in 2004. The same principle is found in works created through the digital manipulation of everyday objects, photographs hypnotic and enigmatic where each element performs the function of the sign multiplied. Frequently has been the recognition of the considerable manual dexterity of Iacopino, necessary to compose, fix on the canvas weave and the different materials.

Besides being present in the most popular art fairs and national and international, which MiArt in Milan, in Bologna Art First, Artissima in Turin, Verona and Artverona and Artforum Berlin, Iacopino has been displayed at various public venues and museums, often in Russia, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk, a lot of road completed, therefore, the first with the collective group of artists Portofranco, started in 2000, or earlier by staff with which debuted on the art scene in 1992. 

Among the awards and mentions recent note that Iacopino's work was honored in the competition Promocard, held simultaneously at MiArt 2007; be reported later received his diploma in 2008 in St. Petersburg on the occasion of the VII Biennial International Festival of Experimental Art, while the artist was finalist in the COMBAT PRIZE of Livorno, in 2010. 

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