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Michele Guidarini Pasquale De Sensi


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Michele Guidarini was born in Grosseto (Tuscany – Italy) in 1981. He studied advertisment art before graduating at Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. Thanks to his artistic studies, he came to the conclusion that the paintbrush wasn’t made for him. «I looked at my paintings, burdened with this damn oil tempera, the shiny colours, the different shades. Then my eye dropped on my sketchbooks. Dirty, greasy, rough/unpolished, covered in words without a sense. I understood that i had put all myself in these sketches, my whole world. And I closed with classical painting». The technique he uses today is a mixed media of pens, ink, Magic Markers on paper, spray and collage. He’s been experimenting with tattoo on pig skin too. Inspired for his whole life by the works of Bacon and Goya, Michele Guidarini started following Low Brow attracted by the catchy aesthetics: «I think as a graphic designer, so the image, the balance, the colours are really important for me. After the first glimpse of wonder, i found out that this artistic flow isn’t trivial at all and there is a lot more under the shiny colours, a whole universe of hidden meanings. It’s a reflection of the artist and the world in which we live in, a reflection of the soul, heart and pain». Rolling Stone Magazine and Tattoo Life introduced him as one of the greatest italian young talents, gathering around him the interest of the medias for this young artist that plays with shapes and icons and shows in his works an irony about love and death, sadness and elation, colours and black and white, drama and comedy. Born in 1983, Pasquale de Sensi lives and works between Modena and Lamezia Terme. Since 2010, he has worked with several galleries, museums and independent spaces worldwide. After having studied painting and graphic in Italy, he slowly developed the technique of collage. Always considered a marginal and minor technique, collage works as an immediate medium able to give access to a fluider and not prectictable artistic view. As result of the combination between different photographic materials, his works combine an imaginative style with a delicate sense of composition based on a formal equilibrium and on the controversial relationships between different symbols. His collages contain references to sacred art and Renaissance’s portraiture but also to Dadaism and the works of classical punk artists.

Works by Michele Guidarini & Pasquale De Sensi

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