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Matthew Cole

1987 United States

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Mathew Cole, American, b. 1987 in New York, NY, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Cole is a painter whose practice is focused on the continuous exploration of painting approached from a particular psychological angle. The exhibition, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, he did with the gallery, is named after Carl Jung's autobiography on Visions and Symbols. While Jung tried to grasp the human psyche through writing and analysis, Cole has tries to elevate his own archetypal ideas through his painting. "Hoop Dreams (4)" is an amalgam of real life and fantasy referring to the artist early childhood aspiration to be a professional basketball player in the NBA and the crushing realization that this goal was far-fetched. The painting is a of recovery, while evoking the nostalgia of those days.

"Life in Mu Ko Ang Thong", in the show, started with a powerful dream the artist had one night in Paris, following the event of the Malaysia Flight 370 plane crash in 2014. Cole got his BFA from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA in 2010. He has exhibited at Tresle gallery in Brooklyn where his work was singled out in the review by Sharon Butler in Two Coats of Paint, July 29, 2017. He also exhibited at La Mostra in Italy in 2008.

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