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Massimo Angei

1962 Italy

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Massimo Angèi was born in 1962 in La Spezia, though he has lived and worked in Sarzana for some time now. By Art school (specialized high school) he had already been collaborating with various institutions and museums performing naturalistic illustrations of flora and fauna. After finishing his degree at the Fine Arts Academy in Carrara he participated in both the fist exhibitions and the creation of the Idioma group along with Marco Casentini, Fabio Maria Linari, Jacopo Bruno and Andrea Geremia. To support himself financially, he began to work as an independent, freelance photographer in the publishing industry. He worked for Grazia Neri in Milan and is the only Italian photographer admitted to Bilderberg photography agency out of Hamburg, publishing his images in both Italian and International magazines. He also had important collaboration with J.Holtzman, the founder of NEST, a New York quarterly magazine which mainly features nontraditional interior design. He continued photographing until the spring of 2006. The evening 4th of April changed everything. While in a disturbed slumber, an overwhelming and impetuous desire to paint, slipping between his thoughts and dreams, returned like a jealous lover ready to take back what belongs to her. That day, Massimo found more than his case of old oil paints, he found his life again knowing that he could never again turn his back on such an evident display of destiny.

Solo exhibitions

Chaos, Galleria Ponzetta, Pietrasanta

Bagliori e Quotidiani Incanti, Edward Cutler Gallery, Milano

Il soffio dell'anima, Lu.C.C.A. Lucca Center of Contemporary Art - Lounge & Underground
L'uomo, il fuoco, gli abissi, Castello Monumentale di Rapallo

Galleria Nicola Ricci Artecontemporanea, Carrara
Nieuw Werk van Massimo AngèiGalerie Noordeinde, Den Haag (L’Aia) NL

Se si aprono i cuori come fiori al mattino, Menhir Arte Contemporanea, La Spezia

Galerie Noordeinde, Den Haag (L'Aia) NL   


Group Exhibitions

Pictorial metamorphosis of nature - Massimo Angèi Maurizio Faleni Giuseppe Linardi Andrea Carpita a cura di Nicola Ricci, I Salotti Piazza Alberica, Carrara

Untitled, Blue Corner Arte Contemporanea, Carrara  
RUBEDO, a cura di Alberto Zanchetta, Galleria Menhir, La Spezia

Untitled, solo pittura, Blu Corner Ricci Arte Contemporanea, Carrara
Neues Zuhause, Marc dePuechredon, Basel CH                                                              

CUTLOG Bourse de Commerce, Paris - Edward Cutler Gallery
Galleria Nicola Ricci, Carrara / Angèi, Chiabrera, Linardi

Piazzaduegiugno Galleria Nicola Ricci Artecontemporanea, Carrara
Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso

Festival delle lettere/Buste dipinte, Teatro Dal Verme, Milano
Galleria Nicola Ricci Artecontemporanea, Carrara
Nieuwe schilderijen, Galerie Noordeinde, van Massimo Angei, Den Haag (L’Aia) NL

Zomerexpositie, Galerie Noordeinde, , Den Haag (L’Aia) NL
Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Love Loss and Longing, Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta USA
Bill Lowe Gallery, Los Angeles USA
Galleria Giannone, Pisa

before 2006
IV Polaroid International Awards, Honorable Mention /Europe, Afrique
Gruppo Idioma, Pinacoteca Comunale, Vezzano Ligure SP
Gruppo Idioma,  Palazzo Berghini,Sarzana SP
Austellungsraumen der Stadttheaters, Ingolstadt, D
Chiesa del Suffragio Carrara, MS
Chiesa del Gonfalone Fossano, CN

Selected publications:

DARK MOUNTAIN, issue 6 /2015

ESPOARTE, issue 85 /2015



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