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Marco Ferri was born in 1968 in Viterbo. He lives and works in Tarquinia. Although he continues to be an accomplished painter, at his heart Ferri is a sculptor. His love for sculpture was, and remains, entirely designed to appear lightweight. This Tarquiniense artist introduces a meaning of poetry and levity into his work. The seemingly weightlessness in his sculpture, however, is associated with a good aptitude for fun, as evidenced by the development of fanciful machines. When Ferri creates his sculptures, he employs the use of found objects – the most basic wire and metal objects. He then combines elements of wood and bits of painted canvas. The result often times feels basic. Ferri also attempts to give his sculptures the possibility of movement. His miniature mobile carts on wheels (wagons), or curious machines operated by hand cranks, are created to be devoid of a concrete outcome or functional logic.


Soloshow - Morotti Arte Contemporanea, ArteFiera Bologna, Bologna

In-constant Relevance, Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Daverio (VA)

Few major variations - Spazio D'ARC, Rome
With special attention - European Photography 2014, Bonioni Art Gallery, Reggio Emilia

In some ways, Galleria Bonioni Arte, Reggio Emilia, curated by Franceca Baboni and Stefano Taddei
In Alessandria it is very hot, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Rome
For courses for verses, Studio Apeiron, Sovigo (MI)

At Ferri e Fuoco, Galleria La Roggia, Pordenone
Teraaa !!, Art Gallery and Thoughts, Rome

Fildiferri, Studio Arte Fuori Centro, Rome
Fildiferri, Palazzo comunale, Tarquinia

Travel, Art X Arte Gallery, Sutri (RM)
Buccheri, Naos Gallery, Viterbo

Of signs, Galleria Arte X Arte, Sutri (RM)

Precarious Equilibria, Central Alessandro Volta, Montalto di Castro (VT)

Landscapes, Accademia Antico Poggio, Tarquinia

Landscapes, Four For Art Gallery, Rome



In the beginning it is the land by ITALIAN RESILIENCE Exhibition Site specific by Kevin Mc Manus and Matteo Galbiati, Forte di Gavi

Greatest Hits - Il Sole Contemporary Art Gallery, Rome
Contemporary Ceramics in Italy - National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome
Artefiera of Genoa with the Morotti Gallery, Varese
ArtePadova with Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Varese
ArtVerona with Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Varese
Affordable in Milan with Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Varese

The eternal return by Niccolò Bonechi, Bonioni Art Gallery, Reggio Emilia

90 artists for a flag - Reggio Emilia, Modena, Rome, by sandro Parmiggiani
Combat Prize Finalist, Giovanni Fattori Museum, Livorno

La Spezia Settembre d'arte - Prize organized by CAMeC of La Spezia and ANGAMC
Selected at the Premio Segrete di bocca, Libreria Bocca, Milan

Return to Itaca, Galleria Vertigo Arte, Cosenza
Ancestral attraction, Galleria Sblu, Milan
My home a house in the gallery, Galleria Il sole arte contemporanea, Rome
Terracolta, Museums of San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome
We were there - 150 years of the unification of Italy, Sala dei dioscuri del Quirinale, Rome
Invited to the XXXVIII Premio Sulmona, Sulmona
Verona Fair with the Bonioni Gallery, Reggio Emilia
Chromatic paths, Bonioni Gallery, Reggio Emilia

Invited to the XXXVII Sulmona Prize, Sulmona
Invited to the Maga Circe Sculpture Competition, San Felice Circeo
Artists of Galleria Zerootto, Lodi
Ombre, Maffei contemporary art, Viareggio
Tana free everyone, Galleria Il sole arte contemporanea, Rome
RomArtigianArt, Beim Engel Gallery, Luxemburg - Italian Institute of Brussels

RurItalia, Sala dei dioscuri del Quirinale, Rome and Sala Sacchetti, Tarquinia
A castle for contemporary art, Castello di San Giorgio, Maccarese (RM)
RomArtigianArt - The contemporary ceramics of Rome and Lazio, the Italian Institute of Culture Prague and Belgrade

New frontiers, IBR Gallery, Albissola Marina (SV)
Third exhibition of wooden sculpture, Italian Institute of Culture, Budapest
RomArtigianArt - The contemporary ceramics of Rome and Lazio, Kisfaludy Gallery, Balatonfured and Italian Institute of Culture, Vienna
From rags to stars, Galleria Arte e Pensieri, Rome
Light and earth, Auditorio di San Pancrazio, Tarquinia
Man and the sea, Society of art and history, Tarquinia

Small bronze sculptures, Galleria Aedes, Terminillo (RI)
First prize for painting Man and the environment, Agricultural University, Tarquinia

From the idea to the object, Accademia Antico Poggio, Tarquinia

First prize of sculpture Cocciales, Ass. La Lestra, Tarquinia
Living art, Chiostro San Marco, Tarquinia

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