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Lorenzo Taini was born in Sassocorvaro, near Urbino (Italy) on December 1977. He works and lives in Milan. After the Art school, he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. He worked (in school stages or like assistant) with critics and artists like Grazia Varisco, Francesco Leonetti, Ermanno Krumm, Marco Meneguzzo, Giovanni Maria Accame, Claudio Olivieri, Carla Accardi, Eugenio Giliberti and others. He published many texts like critics or journalist and his works have been published in art magazines like Flash Art, Arte e Critica and more. Artist Statment: "I am a visual artist, I make paintings, installations and works on paper. When I work on canvas I use acrylic colors, natural pigments, cotton threads, and sand. When I work on paper I employ watercolors, cotton threads and markers. In my installations, however, I take objects of everyday life, objects that I hang on the wall with nails, multiplying them in a Hanging Repetition".

Solo Exhibitions:

2017_September_Tempi sospesi_Gian Marco Casini Gallery_Livorno_con un testo di Gerry Bonetti

2017_June_Sottotraccia_Castelnegrino Arte_Aicurzio (MB)_a cura di Matteo Galbiati

2017_May_Simmetriche Eresie_Circolo Culturale Eleutheros_Albissola Marina_A cura di Riccardo Zelatore

2017_February_Hanging Repetition_Spotte Art_ New York City

2016_February_"Generazioni a colloquio_Claudio Olivieri/Lorenzo Taini_Museo della Permanente_Milano


2014_March_"Lorenzo Taini 2.0"_Galleria Monopoli_Milano

2013_June_"Lorenzo Taini e Walter Cascio"_Galleria Liba_Pontedera

2013_February_"Lorenzo Taini"_Breidenbach Studio_Heidelberg_Germany

2012_May_"Sintassi di Pittura"_Palazzo Ducale di Genova

2011_March_"Lorenzo Taini"_Galleria Monopoli_Milano

2007_November_"Haua sultan"_Teatro delle Erbe_Milano



Collective exhibitions:

2017_May_"10"_Morotti Arte Contemporanea_Daverio (VA)

2017_Apri_"Morotti Arte Contemporanea_Milano

2017_March_Lorenzo Taini and Christina Massey_Spotteart_New York

2017_February_Affordable Art Fair_Milano

2016_October_International Iran Biennale_Theran

2016_March_Empatema_Studio Mugnaini_Milan

2014_May_Save And Safe_Palazzo Crespi_Milano

2013_June_"Le rotte della pittura"_Fondazione Piaggio_Pontedera

2012_October_Galleria Monopoli_Milano

2011_December_"Lo stato dell’Arte_Biennale di Venezia"_Torino

2011_Jenuary/February_Galleria Monopoli_Milano

2010_February/March_Fondazione Zappettini_"Continua la Pittura"_Chiavari

2008_September_Galleria Monopoli_Milano

2007_July_"Salon I"_Museo della Permanente_Milano

2006_July_"Salon I"_Museo della Permanente_Milano

2005_October_"Multiplo3"_NO Gallery_Milano

2003_"Meno 30"_ Spazio Hajech_Milano

SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Tempi sospesi, Gian Marco Casini Gallery, Livorno (Italy) Sottotraccia, Castelnegrino Arte, Aicurzio (Italy) ​Simmetriche Eresie, Circolo Culturale Eleutheros, Albissola Marina (Italy) Hanging Repetition, Spotte Art, New York City ​ 2016 Generazioni a colloquio, Claudio Olivieri/Lorenzo Taini, Museo della Permanente, Milano (Italy) 2015 "Linee/Lines", E-Contemporary, Trieste (Italy) 2014 "Lorenzo Taini 2.0", Galleria Monopoli, Milan (Italy) 2013 "Lorenzo Taini e Walter Cascio", Galleria Liba, Pontedera (Italy) "Lorenzo Taini", Breidenbach Studio, Heidelberg (Germany) 2012 "Sintassi di Pittura", Palazzo Ducale, Genova (Italy) 2011 "Lorenzo Taini", Galleria Monopoli, Milan (Italy) 2007 "Haua sultan", Teatro delle Erbe, Milan (Italy)