To Dream, to Collect


Lorenzo Butti

1972 Italy

5 Works exhibited

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  • About the Artist

Lorenzo Butti knows that an artist must follow magic, which is a sort of anarchic response when you feel you must do something. Lorenzo seems, in fact, to think through things, and not just about things, and this has a profound influence on how he sees the world and on his way of working. Lorenzo thinks that a drawing, a project, a sketch, a magazine, a meeting render the idea of the history and thought that is behind us and the reason why changes were made. Sometimes he spreads over a table sketches, drawings and paper because he knows that in all this chaos, there is a way of being in the world, a way of seeing yourself ‘from the outside’, adhesion between a way of being and a way of doing, in a word ethics, and this is why Lorenzo Butti thinks that you can affect reality, even though he knows that reality is elusive, but you can spend your life with an ethical attitude towards yourself and towards others, without it becoming a vocation. Lorenzo’s projects and drawings are metaphors of contemporary society and the destiny of this society. Lorenzo seems keen to support, in all his projects, the poetics of instability: the acceptance of the non-truth, the non-existence of truth, the custom, for example, of not judging or of judging from afar, through that combinatorial universe so often explored by him and which, this time, like a poet, he is building around himself.

Works by Lorenzo Butti

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