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The happy few



120 x 100 x 80cm


I WIsh You Were Here


102 x 80 x 32cm


Two brothers are behind La Fratrie: Karim and Luc Berchiche. They create four-handed sculptures of great evocative power. The leading theme is essentially the human relationship with the environment. These miniature islands are made of the most diverse materials, revealing a complex and accurate plastic and formal construction, which makes of the authors some sort of craftsmen in a utopian world. These islands are actually aerial rocks being worlds apart, illusions uprooted from their place of origin, peculiar fictions of allegorical stories, but also concrete thoughts and reflections on the finitude and fragility of life. Karim Berchiche: Born in 1978 in Le Quesnoy, France. He graduated in political science from SciencesPo, Paris. Luc Berchice: Born in 1981 in Le Quesnoy, France. Master in Plastic Arts at Charles de Gaulle University in Lille, France. They live and work in Montreuil
Solo Exhibitions 2017 School Gallery 2014 Maisons d'édition, collaboration avec la galerie Philippe Gravier La Fratrie - Each x Other, collection automne/hiver 2015 La Fratrie - Aperlai, collaboration pour la Fashion week 2013 Centre Pompidou Metz, La semaine du goût (collective show) Metz, France Montparnasse Museum (solo show) curated by Jean Digne & David Wizmane WILDgallery, Paris, France 2012 Escalader le ciel sans échelle (solo show), Wizmane & Derouillon Gallery, Paris, France Parcours Saint-Germain n°10, partenariat FIAC curated by Anne-Pierre d'Albis-Ganem Salon Maison & Objets, Selection de l'Eclaireur, Paris, France. Collective Show, Valentine de Badereau Gallery & Nuke Gallery, St Barthelemy The invisible end (solo show) Guillaume Zarka David Wizmane WILDgallery, Paris 2011 Génération Polluée, Nuke Gallery, Paris, France Scope Art Fair Basel 11, Artaban Gallery, Basel Switzerland Villa UGC (solo show), Enrico Navarra, Nuke Gallery & UGC, Cannes Festival, France Montparnasse Museum (solo show) curated by Jean Digne & David Wizmane WILDgallery, Paris, France Art Paris Art Fair 11 Enrico Navarra Gallery, Paris, France 2010 La Fratrie (solo show), Coucoun by Wizmane, Paris France Archichaos, curated by Julia Van Hagen - ArtStanding, Rove Project, London, UK Summer Trees, Analix Forever, Genève, Switzerland Even Now you can dream, Artaban Gallery, Paris, France What Remains (solo show), Nuke Gallery, Paris, France Art Paris Art Fair 10 Nuke Gallery, Paris, France Gold Digger (solo show), Suty Gallery, Coye-la-Forêst, France