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Joseph Lacasse was born in 1894 into a poor working class family in the quarry town of Tournai, Belgium. Lacasse’s experience as a child labourer in the local limestone quarries (1905-1910) shaped his future as a staunch socialist and a defender of the proletarian cause. Lacasse was a pioneer in many ways, leaving behind a complex and challenging body of work. However, as a Classicist, Social Realist, a Fauve, a Cubist, a Tachist and an Abstractionist, Lacasse was always on the path of research to deal with the pictorial questions of how to best express light. Lacasse was a brilliant and gifted artist with an intellect, character, palette and style as multifaceted as the prism of light itself, creating his own universe in the Universe.

Selected Solo Exhibitions 2015, Joseph Lacasse: Pioneer of Abstraction, Whitford Fine Art, London (retrospective exhibition) 2013, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tournai, Tournai. (La Beauté sauve Le monde, including a presentation of Lacasse's 'Quatre Jours de La Création'); Joseph Lacasse, Whitford Fine Art, London (retrospective exhibition) 2005/03/01, Galerie des Arets, Brussels 1999, Cotthem Gallery, Knokke-Zoute and Barcelona, (retrospective exhibition) 1996, Fondation Bemberg, Toutouse (retrospective exhibition) 1995, Couvent des Cordelliers, Paris (retrospective exhibition]; Galerie Callu Mérite, Paris, (works 1930-1950)