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Illán Argüello (Madrid, 1968) is one of the painters of the new 90s Spanish figurative school most influenced by the Italian Metaphysical Movement. His work is characterised by an austere iconography with geometric elements and unlikely artefacts. The architectures of Illán Argüello aspire to the identification of man with nature. The city is for the artist a second nature created by humans, with aspirations of habitability and desire for perfection, hence his obsession to build it with subtle chromatic ranges and soft brushstrokes. The precision in the line and the naked concept of any aesthetic interference convert his work, into a polyhedral book, full of edges and luminous areas. His work is present, among other collections, in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid, the Wellington Foundation, the Alberto Jiménez-Arellano Alonso Foundation of Valladolid, and the Unión FENOSA Collection.