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Hervé Di Rosa (born 1959 in Sète, Hérault) is a French painter. Born in Sète, France, Hervé Di Rosa is a French painter who brings to life unique characters who populate his work through the making of paintings, sculptures, installations, animation movies, editions, portraying these unique individuals. In America we had Haring, Basquiat, Scharf and graffiti. In France we had "Figuration Libre" with Di Rosa, Robert Combas, Rémi Blanchard, François Boisrond and others with Di Rosa and Combas at the lead. His universe is filled with humor and excitement and his passion for kitsch or "Art Modeste." In 2000, Di Rosa built a Museum dedicated to Modest Art in Sète, France. In August 2006 he had a show of his work at the Bass Museum in Miami. He shows regularly with the Gallery Haim-Chanin in New York and Louis Carre et Cie. in Paris.