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Snap #75


188 x 229cm

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71 x 71cm

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92 x 71cm

Harold Barling Town, OC (June 13, 1924 – December 27, 1990) was a Canadian abstract painter. He is best known as a member of Painters Eleven a group of abstract artists active in Toronto from 1954-1960. Town developed his own innovative collage technique, which was highly acclaimed. His collages have been described by Gerta Moray in Harold Town: Life & Work as similar to his paintings in the way “they spread out to fill the surface yet are given focus as configurations by areas of drawing in ink or paint.” He also “juxtaposed contrasting or unexpected textures and fragments pulled from myriad everyday sources,” that lead the viewer “through sequences of association and ambiguity, of close-up and distant viewing.”
GROUP SHOWS 2017 Canadian Art Group, Toronto, Painters Eleven for Christmas 2017 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, CLEMSAID! 2017 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, 30th Anniversary Celebration 2017 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, HOT HOT HOT 2017 2017 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Summer Group Show 2017 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Canada Day Group Show 2017 Canadian Art Group, Toronto, Painters Eleven 2017 Canadian Art Group, Toronto, Post-War Canadian Masterpieces