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Giuseppe De Mattia

1980 Italy

20 Works exhibited

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Giuseppe De Mattia (Bari, 1980) lives and works in Bologna. He strives to salvage and take care of what has been created by the passing of time in the form of scraps and waste. His research is often rooted in film archives such as ‘Home Movies’ (a family film archive in Bologna). His choice and selection of one or several objects is a process activated by De Mattia with different modes and tools. His practice is rooted in the concept of collecting and the obsession of utilising objects destined to be discarded. Amongst his mediums of choice are photography, video, sound and the act of drawing with objects he creates himself. He is co-founder of the audio-visual duo ‘Fake Samoa’ alongside Nico Pasquini and is an active member of the collective ‘Casa a Mare’ alongside Luca Coclite and Claudio Musso.

Personal exhibitions made

23 June 2018
The Tradition of the New, Guberti Prize
MAR, Ravenna

March 14, 2018
Home, study and bookshop
Corraini 121+, Milan

September 20th 2017
Disrupted Drawings
mhPROJECT, New York City

September 14th 2017
Devices for not seeing Rome well
Matèria Gallery, Rome

June 15th 2017
Elastic ballistic cards
Corraini Contemporary art, Mantova

April 5, 2016
Poor objects
Dust Space, Milan

4 February 2016
Dialogue With Time
Matèria Gallery, Rome

October 30, 2015
Made in Germany curated by Gabriele Tosi
Localedue, Bologna

June 8, 2015
Coca Cola 2015
Nowhere Gallery, Milan

June 3, 2015
NA NA NA (take take take - look look)
Pelagica space in Gigantic, Milan

12 February 2015
Deriva (with Luca Coclite)
Nowhere Gallery, Milan

January 22nd 2015
"Casa a Mare" preview
installation of the collective Casa a Mare (Luca Coclite and Giuseppe De Mattia) curated by Claudio Musso
Arte Fiera 2015 - Flea market Block 24

October 17th 2014
The coincidence of the gaze (with Home Movies)
Space &, Bologna

February 14th 2013
Island in the island
Nowhere Gallery, Milan

January 18th 2013
Strada Maggiore 49 (Casa Arcangeli) (by Pier Francesco Frillici)
Spazipo Labo 'Gallery, Bologna

June 7, 2012
from | to (by Luca La Vopa)
FProject Gallery, Bari

May 26th 2012
A slight correspondence (edited by Francesca Bia Pergreffi)
Space Meme Gallery, Carpi (Mo)
texts by Francesco Locane and sounds by Egle Sommacal

November 1, 2011
(new) meeting with the SCIA - Notes for a story of a Bolognese factory (edited by Home Movies - National Film Archive of the Family)
Palazzo Parri, Bologna

Publications (selection):

Claudio Musso, From the Road to the Computer, Books to Part
An appearance of surfaces, APM Editions
Maps of the time (European Photography catalog), Silvana
Oltreprima (catalog), Photology, Bologna

Alea Iacta Est (Savignano Immagini catalog)
Comparison (catalog), Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna
Diffusa (catalog), Apm Edizioni, Carpi
Dialogue with time, Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna

- Sustainable Restoration Value / Fratelli Navarra, Rome
- Short visits by Luca Panaro, Quinlan Editore, Bologna
- Deriva, Nowhere gallery / nasty nasty, Milan
- The coincidence of the gaze, Danilo Montanari Editore

Motives of Familia, ed. SPAC, Udine
Francesco Fabbri Prize (catalog)
Dialogue on Santa Maria (with Orio Vergani,) Humboldt, Milan)

Change / Change (European Photography catalog), Electa
Place and identity in contemporary Italian photography, Einaudi, Rome
Cinema Territories: Rooms, Places, Landscapes, Gangemi Editore, Rome
Island in the island, Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna
Strada Maggiore 49 (Casa Arcangeli), Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna

The Life of the Airports (edited by Nuria Casais and Alessandro Martinelli), Trento / Vico Morcote
Francesco Fabbri Prize (catalog)

Open Archive (catalog), Home Movies, Bologna 
Esprit Méditeeranéen, Graphic Arts Favia Srl, Bari 
Galatea, European Magazine, ADV Publishing House, Lugano


Artist's Books:

Ten launches of elastic band, Corraini Edizioni, 2017 (edition 200 + 5 specials)
Talking Springs, Libri Tasso, 2017 (edition 10 + 3 specials)
Quick Woodpecker, Books rate, 2016 (10 am)
Dialogue with time, Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna, 2016 (ed 30)
Tower Motion, Libri Tasso, Bologna, 2016 (edition 25)
Coca Cola Beach House 2015, Skynnerbooks, Jesi, 2015 (100 ed)
The remains of the Wayfarer, Skynnerbooks, Jesi, 2014 (edition 100 + 10 specials)
I buy childhood memories, Editions Labo ', Bologna, 2014
Arcageli House, Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna, 2012 (edition 100)

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