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Giulio Cassanelli

1982 Italy

7 Works exhibited

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Giulio Cassanelli, Bologna 1982. Since youth started his love with the camera that will bring him in a deep artisc research made by differents working esperiences. In 2005 he focuses on the concept of changeability of “beauty” and started to search subjects that could mantien small changes in a concept of “beauty continuous “. Keeping his focus on photography he started to do a deeper research on different medium in order to develop a strong and consistent poetics. From 2008 is research proces is focused on scrap items in order to show the the uniqueness that only the time can give to these items, in 2009 start with a collective show in Rome entitled “Target with Seven Faces “ curated by Martina Cavallarin at Emme Otto. In September attended the italian collective show “Past Is Not Alone” during the XI Istambul Biennal and presented his first solo show “Environment” at ArtTo Design gallery (Bologna). In this period his research move to new medium, he started a new technique that allowed him to work with flying soap bubbles. In September 2012 has been invited to the show events “Follow Fluxes”, Palazzo Magnari Foundation in Reggio Emilia. 

Solo Exhibitions

Kairos, LABS Gallery, Bologna 2015

Kairos, MUST GALLERY, Bologna 2015

So Private, Bologna 2014

Cosa Rimane?, Un Tubo, Siena 2013

Project Room, Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia 2012

Untitled Day, Zak Gallery, Monteriggioni (Si) 2012

Respirare, Galleria Grossetti, Milano 2012

Fisica e MetaFisica, Arte Fiera 2012

Resti, Private Exhibition, Arte Fiera 2011

The End of Fate, Home Gallery Project VR7, 2010

Private Exhibitions, Various Places, 2010

Environment, Galleria ArtToDesign, Bologna 2009

Il Doppio: Ricerca Fotografica, Club Stile Libero, Bologna 2003


Works by Giulio Cassanelli

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