To Dream, to Collect


Giovanni Trimani

1974 Italy

5 Works exhibited

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Art as Soul. At this imperative meets the poetic art developed by Giovanni Trimani, an artist omnivorous of moments and beauty. A vibrant coloristic plant enhances a stylistic choice marked by an original visual language, showing reminders caught reinterpreted in the light of an alphabet with clear and defined edges. References to pop art mingle with primitive echoes and classical references, in a mix of exotic that guides the viewer to discover hidden interiority of the artist and his personal continent. The rapidity of communication, filtered by the formal experimentation, opens the door to the understanding of an art world that seems to be generated by what Rimbaud called "derailment of the senses," attitude that predisposes to the visionary leadership and understanding of the meanings. Trimani doesn’t escape from reality: he simply performs a constant pursuit of himself through the performance of his artistic practice, to allow the viewer to do the same while contemplating his works. The common thread stretched between the works is the joie de vivre in a Dionysian approach through outer beauty wants to emphasize the inner wealth, according to a concept that has its roots in Greek art, taken at different times by Renaissance and modern artists. If the approach to the subject hides the constant interest in life, in the impression of the sign on the canvas is contained the will to fix indelibly unique emotion while choosing tonal rekindled enthusiasm for what the eye is likely to neglect because of habit. A curiosity happiness transpires from the works of Trimani, drunk with experiences and eager for meaning: it is the same skill that for Baudelaire was the "starting point of genius," which allows you to preserve the harmony between what is expressed and what It hides, to recognize the richness of the present moment, to penetrate the mystery of life. The artist's gaze creeps between the ambiguities of modernity for restore it with sincere look contradictions and possibilities, perpetrating an incessant search that allows to recognize an unexpected beauty, hidden in the folds of everyday life.

Expo New York Art Fair (USA) - BAF Bergano Arte Fiera

Works by Giovanni Trimani

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