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Giovanni Trimani

1974 Rome, Italy

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The constant highlighting of the chair theme underlines how for Giovanni Trimani this topic is essential and can communicate, at a symbolic level, substantial artistic and biographical elements, that he considers emotionally representative. In the progress planning of the AssediA concept we are witness of an introduction of a completely unexpected new element: man. The chair/man takes on an iconic resonance of the characterising presence, similar in concept to the figures that in the Middle Ages were represented inside the initials miniature of manuscripts. The chair caught in an unsteady stillness, takes up an indefinite space where man’s great dilemmas seem to reign, upon which the “where are we going to?” strongly prevails. Although the answer is not known yet, we still know that we have to move, following the as mysterious as imperative palindrome that is placed in Rome, Trimani’s home town, on the threshold of Villa Palombara. Si sedes non is, or, reading it backwards, si non sedes is, which is if you’re sitting you can’t go, if you don’t sit you go: The two ways of readings encourages man to stand, to be aware, to speak up his present moment. The chair on one side has in its beginning the lines forming the letter “h”, it can only be silent and represent the silence, the awaiting. Emptiness and fullness links one to the other with balance and rigour, while irony takes place inside the shapes, it releases it self from social conventions, relying on its own certainties. Serial main character, the AssediA shows itself once again herald of existential questions, genuine witness of life.

Expo New York Art Fair (USA) - BAF Bergano Arte Fiera, Tokyo Art Fair (Japan) , AAF Milano, Luxeburg Art Fair

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