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Giovanni Campus

1929 Italy

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Giovanni Campus was born in Terranova Pausania - Olbia - in 1929. He lives and works in Milan. In 1948 he left Sardinia. He attended classical studies in Genoa with prof. Dal Monte at High school G. Leopardi and self-taught in the early fifties, he turned to painting experimenting with traditional techniques and innovative materials. In 1960, the first national exhibitions were held: "Premio Albano Laziale" and "Premio Loffredo, Latina". Work meeting in Rome with the art critic Giuseppe Appella were crucial for Giovanni Campus. From 1961 to 1965, residing in Livorno, he attended the Free Academy of Fine Arts, directed by the engraver Carlo Guarnieri. In 1966, with the personal exhibition, he began his relationship with the Giraldi Gallery. In 1968/69 he left his job, to devote himself entirely and for the choice of life to the practice of art, he moved to the Quartier delle Botteghe (municipality of artists) of Sesto S.Giovanni and later to Brera in Milan. He spent a lot of work in the late Sixties and Seventies in Paris and in the Eighties and Nineties in New York. In 1967, the attendance to the "Intersubjective Linguistic Hypothesis", an itinerant, edited by LV Masini - at the "II International Triennial of Art India", Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi Italian Pavilion curated by Palma Bucarelli, and "3 → ∞ Multiple Art ", Whitechapel Art Gallery London, traveling in seven English cities, 1979" Six British - at the "Light and Materia", Centro Industria, curated by F. Passoni, Milan 1975 - at the "XI Malerwochem" by U. Apollonio, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz 1976 - at the "Six British Printing Biennale", Italian section Bradford 1979 - at the "Experimenthal Art", Yamanashi Museum, Kofù ,, 1986 - at the "L'Arte Italiana" in the last half century ", edited by F. Da Santi, Vasto 1994 - at" Le vie della Costruzione. Practices of Sculpture in Italy ", edited by C. Cerritelli, Civic Museum Riva del Garda-Arco 1999 -" Art in Italy in the Seventies. Art and Environment 1974.1977 ", edited by L. Caramel, Erice 2002 - at the" Aspetti di Pura Pittura "curated by K. Wolbert, Museo della Permanente, Milan 2007 - at the" Confini Infranti ". A permanent collection ", curated by G. Cortenova, Galleria Comunale, Palazzo Forti, Verona 2008, at the" Journey in Italy: Italian Art from 1960 to 1990 "in the Graz Galleries am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz 14.06.2008-25.01.2009. Particular installations and environments, always intended as extension-projection of the work. In 1977, with the collaboration of Arte Struktura and the students of the BB.AA Academy di Brera, he realizes in the P.tta of Palazzo Reale in Milan, a continuous installation with an environmental dimension: a series of paths of huge stretches of metal springs suspended in tension, involving the urban space in different directionality and "measures". The "environments" indoors at the Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna of Bologna in 1978 and at the Livorno Civic Museum in Progress in 1979 elaborate, with the use of light and sound means, the phenomena of extension and variation of the modular image sign , placed vertically, grazing the walls. This attention to the phenomenal perception of the work in its extension and relationality with the spaces (the measures) in which it is placed, is the leitmotif for a systematic reading of the exhibitions held by the artist, in particular in the anthological or monothematic at the Palazzo dei Diamanti, rooms Tisi, Ferrara 1987/88, at the Galleria Comunale d'Arte, Cagliari 1991, at the MAN of Nuoro 2000, at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art, Gallarate 2003, at the Granaries of Villa Mimbelli, G.Fattori Museum, Livorno 2007, at the Academy Library BB.AA. of Brera, Milan 2007, at the Archaeological Museum, Isola Peddone, Olbia 2009. In this sense, phases and developments of work on the "determination" of form first, then "temporal coordinates" and following the "measure", are to be understood as the attempt to confer epistemologically perceptible indications of the ideas that move the poetic imagery. This explains the "interventions" route on the Coste della Gallura in 1983, with the aim to detect, with the insertion in the landscape and between the rocks of very long stretches of rope relations, similarities and differences between the natural measures of the place, those of the insertion and the results from the entire space-time operation. This tension to the sense and the reasons of the poetic datum, of the relationship between work and place has moved the recent permanent sculptural intervention, realized by the artist, on three different communicative levels, in the urban area of Carbonia, with three sculptures, with an environmental dimension, related. Various invitations from various institutions for meetings and seminars on their work, from the Polytechnic to the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and the Catholic University in Milan, the University of Bologna and Cagliari, the Civic Museum G. Fattori of Livorno, the Gallery Comunale, Palazzo Forti, Verona, the colleges School of Italy and New York school and the Italian Academy at Columbia University in New York. Among the museum acquisitions there are the first edited by L.Vinca Masini, in 1968, for the Experimental Museum, Italian Art of the Sixties, Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, Turin and the recent curated by Giorgio Cortenova in 2006, for the Galleria Comunale d'Arte, Palazzo Forti, Verona and in 2007 for the Civic Museum of Modern Art G. Fattori, Villa Mimbelli, Livorno.


Casa della Cultura, Livorno (G.Traversi)

Palazzo Porrati, Comune, Sarzana, (M.Stefanini)
Galleria Numero "8 artisti a Numero", Roma

Galleria Giraldi, Livorno
Galleria da Michaud "Gruppo Oggi", Firenze (W.Martigli)

Galleria Studio, Matera (L.Vinca Masini)
Galleria Guerinca, Olbia (L.Bernardi)
Centro d'Arte Il Chiodo, Palermo (L.Vinca Masini)
Galleria Primo Piano, Padova
Galleria Il Brandale, Savona (C.Popovich)

Galleria Comunale, Grosseto (P.Bertani)
Galleria SP 66, La Spezia (G.Appella)

Centro Operativo Sincron, Brescia
Galleria Giraldi, Livorno (Inga-Pin)

Studio 2B, Bergamo.
Galleria Scipione, Macerata.
Galleria AL2, Roma (G.Beringheli, B.Munari).
Centro Sincron, Rimini.

Galleria Uxa, Novara.
Galleria Il Gabbiano, La Spezia (A.Passoni).
Centro Arti Visive, Cagliari (L.Vinca Masini).

Galleria Ferrari, Verona (A.Passoni, G.Beringheli, L.Vinca Masini)
Galleria Giraldi, (A.Passoni, G.Beringheli,L.Vinca Masini), Livorno
Galleria 7G, Ascoli Piceno.
Galleria Eremitani, Padova (T.Toniato)
Studio 80, Bocca di Magra.

Centro Sincron, Brescia.
Centro Santelmo, Salò (C.Melloni)
Galleria Giraldi, Firenze (U.Apollonio)

Studio SM13, Roma (C.Vivaldi)
Galleria Fumagalli, Bergamo (C. Vivaldi)
Centro Santelmo, Salò (B. D'Amore)
Galleria Arti Visive, Parma
Galleria La Polena, Genova (B.D'Amore)
Galleria Lito Arte, Bergamo (B.D'Amore)
Galleria La Piramide, Firenze (scritto dell'artista)
Studio SM13, Roma (B.D'Amore)

Galerie 32, Lyon (L.Lambertini)
Galleria Il Salotto, Como (U.Apollonio)
Galleria 3 Papi, Sarzana
Galleria La Piramide, Firenze (scritto dell'artista)

Laboratorio d'Arte "Convergenze", Pescara (B.D'Amore)

Galleria Vismara, Milano (U.Apollonio)
Galleria Pagani, Legnano
Piazza Palazzo Reale, Milano, installazione, ambiente
Galleria Arte Struktura, Milano (scritto dell'artista)
Galleria Comunale d'Arte, Bologna, ambiente (B.D'Amore, A.De Flora)

Arser, Expo Arte, Bari (L.Caramel)
Centro Rizzoli, Milano (L.Caramel, B.Munari, A.Veca)
Galery de l'Universitè, Paris "Aspects de l'art italienne"
Galleria Il Cortile, "Quattro saggi di critica d'arte", Bologna (B.D'Amore)

Museo Progressivo, Livorno, ambiente (L.Caramel)
Galleria Galliata, Alassio (M.Vescovo)

Galerie l'Acturial, Liege "Aspects de l'art italienne"

Galleria Vismara, Milano (A.Veca)
Studio d'Ars, Milano (scritto dell'artista)
Nuovo Spazio 2, Venezia (A.Veca)
Galleria Peccolo, Livorno, installazione/ambiente
Galleria 9 Colonne, Brescia

Centro B.Brecht, Milano "7 percorsi nell'arte contemporanea"

Coste della Gallura, Sardegna, installazioni/percorso (L.Caramel)

Istituto Civico, Luino (G.Beringheli).
Galleria Vismara, Milano (G.Beringheli).
Immagini Koh-l-Noor, Milano, con L.Veronesi (L.Belotti).

Galerie Loehr "Trieder" Frankfurt (L.Belotti, M.Meneguzzo)

Galerie Grare, Paris, con A.Bozzolini
Galleria Chironi 88, Nuoro (L.Caramel)
Spazio Documentato, Roma (E.Crispolti)
Istituto Scienze Arch. Artistiche, Cagliari (S.Naitza)

Palazzo dei Diamanti, Sale Tisi, Ferrara (E.Crispolti, P.Serra)
Spazio Temporaneo, Milano (E.Crispolti, P.Serra)

College Scuola d'Italia, New York. (Gianni Nigro)

Spazio Civico, Trezzano sul Naviglio Milano (F.Migliaccio)

Museo di Milano (L.Corbani)

Le Fornaci "Opere in cotto", Cunardo, con M.Benedetti
Galleria Comunale d'Arte, Cagliari (L.Caramel)

Vismara Arte, Milano (L.Caramel, L.Veronesi)

College Scuola di New York, New York
Istituto Scienze Arch. Artistiche, Cagliari (L.Caramel, S.Naitza, M.Grazia Scano)

Studio Reggiani, Milano (L.Caramel)

Sala La Pianta, Comune, Corsico Milano
Spazio Isola, Comune, Olbia (S.Naitza)

Studio Reggiani, Milano (L.Caramel)
Hands Gallery, New York (A.Veca)

Galleria Giraldi, Livorno (A.Veca).
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Circolo Culturale Bertolt Brecht, Milano (L.Caramel)
Galleria Antonio Battaglia Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Brera
Civico Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Calasetta, Calasetta

Cavenaghi Arte, Milano (M.Meneguzzo)
Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea, Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) (B.D'Amore)


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