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Giacomo Vanetti

1974 Italy

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Giacomo Vanetti was born in Varese in 1974. After the high school he attended the course of Design at Politecnico di Milano where he graduated in Graphic and Visual Communication in 2001. During his academic course, thanks to a scholarship, he had the possibility to spend a year at the Arts Academy of Granada, where he focused his attention on the different processes of printing such as photography, engraving, serigraphy and lithography. Back to Italy he started working as assistant in architectural photography and collaborated with the Politecnico as teaching assistant in Photography. In 2004 he joined the Italian Institute of Photography where, while working as studio assistant, graduated the same year with honors. Experimentations leads his work to use both analogs and digitals skills focusing his attention particularly on the human figure and the photographic medium. He had exhibitions in Italy and Europe. His works are collected in public and private collections. He lives and works in Varese. The photography of Giacomo Vanetti inquires the traits of a corporeality that is questioned by the concept of organic unity itself. Where does the human skin ends? Do bodies still preserve the form of a certain internal organization or is it the throat that feels and the belly that smells? The obsession for a body that perfectly suits the state of being contemporary, a body that never “is” but always “becomes”, gives life to a different repetition that captures and recaptures an anatomy made from stolen gestures and silent poses. A clear love for the declinations, that even in its analogical roots the photographic technique enables, is the formal counterpoint of the choose of scenes that express their complexity starting from the moment when they come to be as images, without necessarily being subjected to any digital processing. Sometimes the subjects are filmed and re-photographed by the artist. This causes a game of metalinguistic references that leads to unexpected reactions. The fold, the smear, the mistake, are integral parts of a “figural” expression that transcends any possibility of imitation, and shamelessly exhibits a kind of dark excess: the “afterthought” of desire.

Works by Giacomo Vanetti

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