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Fabio Giampietro

1974 Milan, Italy

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Fabio Giampietro was born in 1974 in Milan, where he still lives and works. He expresses his powerful, intense figurative painting via a one-of-a-kind technique (he paints by removing the colour from his canvases). Following several exhibitions held in Milan (the most recent a solo show at Palazzo Reale), Bologna, Venice, Shanghai, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin and Toronto, he is currently viewed as one of the most promising young Italian painters on the art scene. Artistic barriers come crashing down in Fabio Giampietro’s work, and a relationship of continuity and simultaneity between time and the three spatial dimensions becomes tangible – though as yet imponderable – in the eyes of the viewer. His artwork allows painted shapes to break free from classic structure, enhancing a process – already well-established throughout modern and contemporary Italian art – that had begun with the revolutionary Futurist theories in the early 1900s, continuing with Lucio Fontana’s swift gesture of slashing his canvas to explore the space behind and beyond. Giampietro’s work blends traditional painting techniques and cutting-edge technology, connecting spatial and temporal planes and annihilating the contemplative distance between the viewer’s senses and the reality of the artistic work. The painting’s virtual expansion invites viewers to test their reality within boundaries that have just exploded, calling on all possible resources of the psychosensory experience. Giampietro’s main achievement lies in showing how the pictorial work on canvas no longer has a central nucleus – though it exists and is looking at us – but, rather, how it shows a spreading of points of observation tied to viewers’ physical movements within the virtual coordinates of the space organized for us by the artist’s creative mind. Thus, in Giampietro’s art, every step into the work itself also marks our journey into the artist’s own dreams and nightmares, more vividly and topically than ever. The multimedia project Hyperplanes of Simultaneity, conceived in 2015 with Alessio De Vecchi, won the Gold Award at The Lumen Prize 2016.

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