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Daniele Sigalot

1976 Italy

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Born in Rome, Daniele Sigalot is one the members of Blue and Joy, a project created by Fabio La Fauci (Milan 1977) and Daniele Sigalot (Rome 1976) at the end of 2005.A unique and rare “media event” in the world of contemporary art that in seven years has imposed their brand (from pages of books to the great wall installations) with its own philosophy expressing the feelings of a generation and of an age. The extraordinary ability of communicating corresponds to a wide linguistic versatility: they use a lot of materials, often innovative; they test multiple and interdisciplinary techniques; their installations always have a great impact. The shaped and homonymous puppets (Blue and Joy) have opposite expressions and contrasting emotions. They have now become witnesses of a behaviour and, as main characters of stories, they have defined a stylistic attitude reminding Street Style and mass education. They represent icons and messages for an original phenomenology signed Blue and Joy. Certainly the mix of their experiences, their prolific techniques (from cardboard to aluminium,from mosaic to video, from drawing to painting) and the relation with a young and trendy culture made Blue and Joy an extraordinary aesthetic mirror of our times. Ironic and conceptual, they have a constant confrontation about communication: verbal, visual, coded, allusive, but always revealing hidden messages combined to real emotions. Blue and Joy are dreamers of a world where contraddictions and questions stimulate adventures and characters, always linked by a thin red line, the one of surprise and alienation. They live and work in Berlin, in their (already) mythic Pizzeria, a real factory, hothouse of connections and laboratory of dreams.

Works by Daniele Sigalot

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