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Carmen Anzano

1960 Spain

1 Works exhibited


  • About the Artist
Carmen Anzano is a multidisciplinary artist whose creations are based on a very personal universe. Her plastic work is characterized by an expressive, sensorial technique, developed using the different materials in which she works: paintings, canvas, wood, ropes, and threads, that are related to each other, sometimes metamorphosed on a pictorial surface, and other times weaving multiple fabrics, as in the installation Tejiendo el aire (Weaving the air). Anzano’s work is evocative, sensitive, and smooth. As she says, “Creating is going into the inner world, into what flows there, in order to go out and expand afterwards, in short, in order to communicate.” Highlighted Expositions and Events 2010 Dos tiempos un espacio (Two times, one space). Galería del Sol. St. Santander, Spain. Confluences. Venise Cadre Gallery. Casablanca, Morocco. 2009 Lisbon Art Fair, Galería del Sol. Lisbon, Portugal 2008 Visiones paralelas (Parallel Visions). El Palacio Caja Cantabria, Obra Social. Santillana del Mar, Santander. 2007 OASIS. Contemporary Art Center (CAC). Málga, Spain. 2005 Feria Artesantander (Santander Art Fair). Galería Almirante Madrid. Santander, Spain. 2004 Tejer emociones (Weaving Emotions). Galería Almirante. Madrid, Spain. 2001 ARCO 0’1. Galería Almirante. Madrid, Spain. 1999 ART Miami. Galería Almirante. Miami, Florida, United States. 1998 Expo Guadalajara. Galería Almirante.Jalisco. México. 1997 Galería Verena Hofer. Barcelona, Spain. 1992 Galería Gloria de Prada. Barcelona, Spain. 1991 Triangle Artist Workshop. New York, New York, United States. Collections Arte Contemporáneo(Contemporary Art), Pamplona, Spain. Unicaja de artes Plásticas (Unicaja Visual Arts), Málaga, Spain. Triangle Artist Workshop. New York, NY, United States. Facultad de Bellas Artes de Barcelona (Faculty of Bellas Artes, Barcelona). Barcelona, Spain. Fundación Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Foundation). Madrid, Spain. Colección Norte, Gobierno de Cantabria (North Collection, Government of Cantabria). Cantabria, Spain Colección Testimoni. Fundación la Caixa (Testimoni Collection, La Caixa Foundation). Barcelona, Spain. Colección de la UNED (UNED Collection). Madrid, Spain. Future Projects Fundación Vila-Casas (Vila Casas Foundation). Barcelona, Spain. Museo Wüth de la Rioja (Wuth Museum de La Rioja). Rioja, Spain.

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