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Beatrice Gallori was born in Montevarchi in 1978 he moved to Prato 15 years where she obtained in 1996 the Diploma in Classical at the Liceo Classico Cicognini. After her studies, however, realized her passion for fashion and design attending Polimoda (FI) and specializes in FASHION DESIGN and KNIT in 2001. With the study of fashion comes the desire to experiment with painting; thus began her artistic training on her own. Her early works are characterized by her innate ability to use the material thickness and giving the tele life, thanks to ‘use of their color colorful table. Her paintings are full of strong colors and her creative research goes through various recycled materials: string, cardboard boxes, wires (Prato is in fact a city that relies on textiles) and even old watches. Look at everything around it, processes it through her emotions, thus making the material part of himself ‘. It ‘a painting her, d’ instinct and emotional jet. In 2007 she started working with an Italian gallery and confrontation with the professional art world pushes Beatrice Gallori to take ownership of the pictorial method used. Cleans up the canvas that becomes monochrome and volumetric through the use of various materials such as the resin. Since 2008 she exhibited in group exhibitions in public and private spaces. In 2009 she was asked for her participation in Art-Featured Prato, young talents curated by Giovanni Faccenda. In 2010 creates sketches of knitwear hand-made with pictorial for the brand BettaKnit that creates a real collection. After these experiences comes the desire to conceptualize her work; begins to study the MOVE and recreate it on canvas. Her desire becomes to block the spectator “that movement” (be it wind, sea wave, the beats of the heart) made ​​by nature unique and unrepeatable but stopped before the fall, by the artist herself. At the same time feels the need to start a new path by addressing the third dimension. Created the first sculpture, real flows of paint and still trapped in a time dimension, crystallized in a moment, after the fall, but before landing. The irony that identifies this artist is represented in these flows that are sometimes adorned with figures such as animals and / or people who live a life of their own in the precariousness of the sudden descent of color, which later become hand-painted ceramics. Although these choices expressive get accolades from audiences and critics so much that, in 2011, one of her sculptures TO RED - ING FUTURE (mixed technique on various materials) becomes part of the catalog of the prestigious PREMIO COMBACT. Also in this year is selelezionata by the famous art critic, Arturo Schwarz, one of his “cast” MILK WALKING (mixed technique on various materials 25x25 cm) ‘s Auction of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s (Milan) in favor of the Museum d’ Israel in Jerusalem. Also in Milan presents in a group “LANGUAGES” at a gallery, its pottery Author enjoying great success with the public. Attend Art Verona 2011 and its installation shall be published in the catalog. At the end of 2011 she joined the project “ARTISTI A KM 0” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Prato, installing inside the museum itself is a work that a video about: I SUOI RESPIRI. After the experience of the Museo Pecci, her collaboration with some galleries becomes more extensive, exhibiting her works in various exhibitions and fairs both personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Presents, in 2012, an installation created specifically for the International Day of Knitting patronage of the Province and the Municipality of Prato, in collaboration with the Textile Museum, installing it on the walls of the Palazzo Pretorio (PO) and those of the Museum. She continued to work in collaboration with galleries with exhibitions in various parts of Italy. One of her works was selected for BAU10 container of contemporary art and also became part of the collection Zavattini (permanent National Library of Florence). In 2013, she began an important collaboration with the gallery Armanda Gori Art (PO), which leads her works in various exhibitions presenting to a large audience. Her work is constantly evolving and growing. Her paintings and sculptures have a maturity in working the materials making it work, now completely monochrome, essential and pure. Birth of the exhibition URBANA VESTIGIA, along with other artists from Prato and her works were highly successful public .. On this occasion also experience other forms of expression and its video HUMAN CRISIS is chosen by the Culture and the ‘Department for Equal opportunities Prato as a symbol for the International Day against Violence against Women and its work sculturea is installed in Piazza del Comune di Prato. At the end of 2013 she was presented by Gallery Armanda Gori Art Gallery and critic Valerio Dehò his major solo exhibition, titled TIME LAPSE.

In 2014 participated in exhibitions 3 always with Armanda Gori Art - Pietrasanta: - ROSSO CONTEMPORANEO - PLASTICA ITALIANA - DIFFERENZE in 2015 participated: - evolve-ING Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea - Arezzo - PLASTICA ITALIANA Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea - Arezzo - PHOTISSIMA - Venezia - presso I FRARI - MICROSCOPE Galleria Armanda Gori - Pietrasanta - BIOsphere Museo di Pittura Murale-Prato -#differences Riccardo Costantini Contemporary - Torino -ORIGINS Ospedale di Sassuolo