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170 x 170 x 4cm

9800,00 €



110 x 120 x 4cm

8000,00 €

Let it bleed


30 x 42 x -75cm

1500,00 €

Diamonds Dogs


42 x 30 x 4cm

1500,00 €

Canarillo Brillo


32 x 40 x 4cm

1500,00 €

oltremare 34


50 x 50 x 4cm

3500,00 €

Old man


40 x 50 x 3cm

3200,00 €

Barbara Nahmad was born in 1967 in Milan, where she lives and works. She is currently University Professor at Accademia di Belle Arte di Brera.

His works are present in public and private collections including the Agnelli Collection, the Einaudi Foundation and the Foundation Rosselli in Turin, the Mediobanca Collection and the Schwarz Collection in Milan, of the Jewish Museum of Bologna and the American College of Greece in Athens.

In 1990 she graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. After a few stays abroad, he worked for television and for the theater as a set designer, to then dedicate himself totally to painting. From that moment his works have been exhibited in various Italian museums, including the PAC, the Palazzo della Ragione and the Palazzo Reale in Milan and the Jewish Museum of Bologna and, abroad, in various locations in London, Berlin, New York, Shanghai, Athens, The Hague and Tel Aviv. In 2009, as part of the 53rd Venice Biennale, he participated in the «Détournements Venise» project with a pictorial triptych on the economy and a sound installation. In 2014 he exhibited in Tel Aviv the series "Eden", which after several stages was presented at the Jewish Museum of Bologna on the occasion of the European Museum Night. The long cycle of "Eden" represents a turning point in Barbara Nahmad's journey: his painting becomes more essential in these paintings, acquiring sandy tones like those of the desert, rather than with its empty ones expanse offers an original space to resurface the memory of a people. The technique of oil on canvas thus returns to speak with a new voice and history itself regains an energy that concerns and invests the present. In 2017 Barbara Nahmad created the image for Mediobanca's "Passo Doppio" advertising campaign.


Personal Exhibitions 

Waw! 1/work 1/artist 1/week, Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea, Milano

Oltremare, curated by Angelo Crespi, Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea, Milano

Eden, curated by Vittoria Coen, MEB, Bologna
Jewish Museum, Bologna Eden, text by Martina Corgnati and Avi Panzer
Federico Rui Contemporary Art, Milan

Eden-when the whole world was young, text by Martina Corgnati and Avi Panzer, Spazio Natta, Como

Eden, curated by Martina Corgnati and text by Amb. Avi Panzer, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Kisses, Tortona Week Design
Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Milan Barbara Nahmad
Galerie De Tween Pauwen, The Hague, Netherlands

At the last breath, text by A. Elkann, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Turin
Milan Permanent installation, Foundation for the School of the Jewish Community of Milan, Milan 2008
Canto General, curated by Vittoria Coen, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Milan, Rome

A Rebours, curated by / edited by M.Sciaccaluga, texts by A.Elkann and A.Schwarz, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Turin

The Protest Tables, curated by / by M.Pizziolo, Italian Institute of Culture, Lubjana, Slovenia

Yesterday now, curated by / edited by M.Pizziolo and M.Sciaccaluga, Image Contemporary Art, Arezzo
Yesterday now, Bandera Foundation, Busto Arsizio, Mi 2002 Dana & Louise, curated by / edited by G.Ranzi, Mudimadue, Milan, Berlin

2000 Barbara Nahmad, curated by / edited by A.Fiz, Cannaviello Art Studio, Milan



Waw!, Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea, Milano

Tutti i pani del mondo, Fondazione Sassi, Matera
Pasolini un ricordo, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
Join dots, unire le distanze, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste
P-Arty, Palazzo Bernaroli, Bologna
Omaggio a Pasolini, Museo dell’Informazione, Palazzo del Duca, Senigallia
Imago mundi. a cura di/ curated by Luca Beatrice, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino e Fondazione Cini, Venezia
La selva oscura, a cura di/curated by M. Fontanesi, Palazzo dei Principi, Correggio
Work in progress, a cura di/ curated by Guido Curto, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery Torino, Roma
Imago mundi, a cura di /curated by Luca Beatrice, Fondazione Benetton, Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso
Above- At- In -Under – WATER, Galerie De Twee Pauwen, The Hague, The Netherlands
Un po’ di più, un po’ di meno, a cura di/ curated by B.Domenech), White Art Space Design, Milano
A case study, a cura di/ curated by Fortunato D’Amico, Castello 40, Venicedocks, Venezia
Il quadro e lo schermo, a cura di/ curated by Vittoria Coen and Francesco Correggia, Ex-chiesa di S.Carpoforo, Milano
Il quadro e lo schermo, a cura di/ curated by Vittoria Coen and Francesco Correggia, Ex-Ospedale di Caravaggio, Comune di Caravaggio, BG
Art Paris, De Primi Fine Art , Lugano, Switzerland
Fresh Paint, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israele
WORLD, a cura di/ curated by Luca Beatrice, text by di Arturo Schwarz) Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
The Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn, a cura di / curated by Megakles Rogakos, ACGart Gallery, American College of Greece, Athens, Greece , Matsua, Japan
Campolungo. L’orizzonte sensibile del contemporaneo, a cura di /curated by Vittoria Coen, Complesso del Vittoriano, Roma
Face to Face, a cura di /curated by Elizabeth Glukstein, Dètournement Venise, 53rd Venice Biennial of Visual Art, Agenzia delle Entrate, Venezia
Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits throughout time, a cura di / curated by Megakles Rogakos, ACGart Gallery, American College of Greece, Athens,
A journey through italian contemporary art, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
I nuovi pittori della realtà, a cura di /curated by M. Sciaccaluga, PAC, Milano
Arte italiana 1968-2007 Pittura. a cura di /curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palazzo Reale, Milano
Arte e omosessualità. Da Von Gloeden, a Pierre et Gilles, a cura di/ curated by E.Viola e V.Sgarbi, Palazzo della Ragione ,Milano and Palazzina Reale, Firenze
PREMIO MICHETTI 2007, Palazzo S.Domenico, Francavilla a Mare, Chieti
Seven, everything goes to hell, A cura di/curated by M.Sciaccaluga, Palazzo Pretorio, Certaldo,
XIV Rome Quadriennial, Anteprima, Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Torino
The Rape of Europe, a cura di/curated by M.Rogakos, Luke & A Gallery, London
SUI GENERIS. Dal ritratto alla fantascienza. La ridefinizione del genere nella nuova arte italiana, a cura di/ curated by A.Riva, PAC , Milano§Sulla pittura. Artisti sotto i 40 anni, a cura di M.Goldin, Palazzo Sarcinelli, Conegliano (TV)