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Antonio Pedretti

1950 Italy

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Antonio Pedretti was born in Gavirate (Varese) in 1950. He attended the painting school in the Sforza Castle and then he moved to the Brera Academy, that left in 1972. When he was sixteen, he prepared his first personal exhibition at the Ca’ Veglia Gallery. Gian Franco Maffina said: “With the eyes full of damp affection for his native Lombardy, he was certainly astonished by the extreme beauty of the South, blinded with the walls parched by the sun and by the saltiness, but he was also struck by the sands, the sea and the hot wind from Africa; we can feel his anxiety when he is in the coastal villages, where the silence is broken by the brays of the donkeys or by the foreign voice of a pedlar”. Two years later he exhibited in the Angle Aigu Gallery in Brussels. Renato Gattuso introduced him: ‘Dear Antonio, you are still young, but your works provide the right elements to understand your unordinary talent. We were impressed by your brushes and the colours you used to paint a landscape or a figure, with all its details; we were also impressed by the way in which your drawing soaked up and looked into the shape, without any academic analysis. Nowadays your work is different and owns new artistic elements, in comparison with the happiness and the easiness of your previous works. It’s the awareness of a new engagement and new difficulties, but at the same time it is the premise of an artistic and personal improvement’. He had always painted landscapes, but nowadays it is not only nature, it’s an artistic landscape. However it’s not due to mannerism; Pedretti feels more confident in painting and thinks he can turn the trends on. It’s not the analysis of some images or of the tools used in painting, it’s something new and old at the same time, it’s the tempt to have new relationships with the past, in particular with the romantic tradition. The transparences created using the resin are similar to the skies painted by Tiepolo, but also to the Lombard ones. Is it naturalism? It’s an old matter…And naturalism is an essential point in Pedretti’s works.

Works by Antonio Pedretti

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