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Emerging contemporary artist. Between the poles of analogism and digitalism, aesthetics and project statement, intuitive and analytical working. Scheer creates young, progressive art that exists between the poles of analogism and digitalism. He uses painting techniques to create the digital painting directly on the computer and attempts, successfully, to mimic the use of physical media through various brushes and paint effects. The core aim of his process is to find innovative ways to transfer the Internet, data, documents, photos and digital information into a new form of painting. By doing so, the deconstruction of modern digital devices and their uses become the main medium, while continuing to use different classical art materials. Scheer’s digital paintings thrive mostly through production; the process becomes the artwork and the concept along with the aesthetic and project statement. Scheer’s works are mainly focusing on topics from “Generation Y“ and “Digital Natives“. Self-perception and public image, internet (-revolution), modern relationship and family structures, complexity of daily life and urbanity are among the topics represented. All of this is reflected through the uses of our daily instruments while a sense of reliability and dependency is shown through representation and subjectivity in a formal aesthetic. Many different art streams and the use of them influence him, rather intuitively, for his own purposes and production of artworks. Pop art, street art, minimal art, graphical art and illustration, contemporary photography, collage, conceptual and experimental art, new media art or cutting edge painting are among the streams to be mentioned that are manipulated and condensed into a new series of artworks. By trying to manipulate modern devices and using own digital resources, like snapshots of his daily life, in combination with resources from the internet, he invites a personal element into his works and reception. He uses different techniques, material and mediums to apply his ideas, while focusing on a unique, self-developed new media technique (digital, printer) where data is transformed into a new form of painting. Scheer can create his own brush style using a combination of texture and shape. Scheer’s works attempt to contribute to the evolution of painting as a natural consequence in a digital age.. This ability is very important in bridging the gap between traditional and digital painting. As technology continues to rapidly develop, this will be the new aesthetic and future of art.