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Silvio Maraini was born in Switzerland. Silvio Maraini's photographs are of impressive beauty. Sublime temples, supports like church pillars and a seemingly oversized vault. Involuntarily, one wonders as a viewer where one can admire these 'flooded cathedrals'. From the outside their existence usually reveals only the front door to a shaft. Silvio Maraini has stepped through this inconspicuous door and has documented 'the monuments of civilization': Water tanks that hide deep in the ground so we have cool drinking water. In the pictures, however, the most important thing is missing, the purpose of these containers - it lacks the water. As a result, the photographer opens up a space that we would never have seen in this way. Benedikt Loderer writes in his foreword in the book of the same name (already out of print): 'A reservoir is also a memory of memory, here a piece of eternity is kept. Later, after the next ice age, archaeologists will find these intact burial chambers and puzzle over the cult that took place here. '