To Dream, to Collect


Fabrizio Fontana

1971 Italy

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San Pietro Vernotico (Br), 1971. Lives and works in San Pietro Vernotico. The nature of Fabrizio Fontana's game is much more articulated than it appears at first sight. In fact, despite the incessant, almost obsessive reference to the game, Fontana's art of joking has very little, and the playful connotation of his works is often limited to the formal aspect of them. Of course, Fontana "plays", borrowing from his childhood protagonists of comics and cartoons (Goodbye Kitty, Eat Books of Cybernetics ...), word games, toys and colored plastics, or jokingly desecrating sacred icons, statues and figurines of saints (Fred & Niko, To Beat the Infantrymen ...), carelessly alluding to works of art or famous artists (Ceci N'est, Pas Une Clee, Giganteschio ...), or quoting songs and anagramming consumer brands (Despite All My Rage I'm Still Just A Rat In The Cage, RedInk, Rats ...). But the real operation that the artist performs is that of mixing all these ingredients meticulously and wisely and turning them, with the aid of rough woods, glossy resins, transparent plexiglass and even lights, sometimes, in his singular language, to talk objectively of loneliness, of monotony, of war, of consumerism, of alienation, of death. The result is an impressive artistic production with a pop, varied, eclectic and incredibly enjoyable flavor, with works ranging from print to canvas, from ready-made to sculpture from the box to the installation, where the game, renamed "jioko" from Fontana , is always the protagonist, and becomes a ruse with which the artist actually tells us that unfortunately nowadays there is little to joke.

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