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Antonio Recalcati

1938 Bresso, Italy

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Antonio Recalcati was born in Bresso on 1938. Autodidact.
1957- First personal exhibition at the Galleria Totti in Milan, catalogue introduction by the poet Roberto Sanesi
Wins the prize Mochetti “Tavolozza d'Argento” at Circolo della Stampa in Milan. Begins to work with ceramics, that leaves soon to take it again only in 1990.
With Piero Manzoni subscribes the “manifesto” against the Premio San Fedele on behalf of Avantgarde, organizing an alternative-exhibition at Bar Giamaica in Milan.

1958- Meets Giorgio Kaisserlian, writer and art critic, bound by a long friendship.
Exhibition at Galleria San Fedele in Milan with Sordini and Verga. Catalogue introduction by Kaisserlian.
Writings by Enrico Crispolti “La quarta generazione” on Aujourd'hui, 20 December, Paris.
First journey to Paris where meets Gianni Bertini that introduce him to Jean Jacques Leveque, manager of an art gallery and editor of the art magazine “Le Soleil dans la Tète”. Exhibition in Leveque art gallery.
1959 – Second personal exhibition at Galleria Pater in Milan. Catalogue introduction by Emilio Tadini.
Journey to Paris taking part to the exhibition “Art Interplanetaire” in the gallery “Le Soleil dans la Tète”.
In Bruxelles meeting with Stella Smith and Richard Lucas and invitation for an exhibition in their art gallery.
1960 – On 8 October opening of his exhibition at the Carlo Cardazzo’s “Galleria del Cavallino” in Venice with the first “impronte” and the catalogue introduction by Giorgio Kaisserlian.

On 19 October exhibition of the “impronte” in Stella Smith and Richard Lucas's “Galerie Smith” in Bruxelles A wide inquiry by Marco Nozza on the magazine “L'Europeo” “La Borsa dei Pittori”opens with a full page photo of Recalcati; it deals with the series of “impronte” titled “Una storia per Johannesburg” and the article excited wide interest.
At the “Galleria del Grattacielo” in Milan the new trends with catalogue by Giorgio Kaisserlian. Jean Jacques Lévèque asks him for a cover illustration of the magazine “Sense Plastique” n.13, Paris.
1961 – In Milan he meets Alain Jouffroy, interested in his work and invite him to take part to “L'Antiprocess”, collective painting with Baj, Crippa, Dova, Errò e Jean Jacques Lebel: the painting provokes a scandal followed by a trial (all acquitted ten years after). Luce Hoctin writes about him in “La Jeune Peinture” on the magazine “L'Oëil” n°13, Paris. First acquisition of “Museo di Arte Moderna” (today PAC) of Milan of an “impronta” exhibited in Premio San Fedele. Meeting with the critic Enrico Crispolti. In September he is called for military service. 1962 – Discharged from the force, in February he prepares a personal exhibition at Carlo Cardazzo's “Galleria del Naviglio” in Milan. This is the second exhibition with “impronte” in Italy and the catalogue is introduced by Emilio Tadini.
Second personal exhibition on 29 November at the Gallery Smith in Bruxelles; takes part to “Nuove Prospettive della Pittura Italiana” in Bologna and to the exhibition in L'Aquila “Alternative Attuali” conceived by Enrico Crispolti.

The Galleria Odissea takes interest in his works and buys some “Impronte”. He receives the prize “Cesare da Sesto” in Sesto Calende. Beginning of a great friendship with Dino Buzzati, that writes a wide article on “Rassegna” n°5, Milan.

1963 – In January personal exhibition at “Galleria Il Punto” in Turin with introduction by Enrico Crispolti. On the beginning of February he moves to London where works for four months and there conceives the “Pittura Narrativa”, paintings composed by different images called “Racconti”. Back from London takes part to the exhibition “La Nuova Figurazione” at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. Wins the “Premio Apollinaire” in Venice, and take part to the exhibition in London at the “Piccadilly Gallery”, organized by Luca Scacchi Gracco. Eduardo Arroyo and his merchant Georges Detait owner of the “Galérie Claude Levin” visit him in Milano. He is selected to represent Italy in the Biennial of Paris and he settles in Paris. Beginning with Arroyo and Aillaud a long friendship and great artistic complicity. Paul Rebeyrolle invite him to the exhibition “Salon de Mai” in the Museum of Modern Art of Paris. Exhibition “Abattoir” at the Gallery Claude Levin. Jean Depeyrau writes on him on “Quadrum” n° 14, Bruxelles.

1964 – In comparative of Milan he finds the artistic and social life of Paris very exciting, he works very much, takes part in “Jeunes Peinture”, in Museum of Modern art and “Salon de Mai” exhibitions, where exhibits a painting after Picasso that will be reproduced on “New York Times” full page with a text by Michel Ragon at loggerheads with Paris.
Takes part in the great exhibition at the Museum Vor Schoenkunst in Gand “Figuration e defiguration de Picasso à nos jours” and in the exhibitions “Nouveau Realisme et Nouvelle Figuration” at the Museums of Modern Art of Berlin, Hague, Vienna and Bruxelles. Wins the prestigious “Prix Lefranc” in Paris.
Beginning of the series of collective paintings with Aillaud and Arroyo and taking part to the memorable “Biennale di Venezia” of '64, with the presentation of the young Italian painting.

1965 – Mario Roncaglia is his art dealer, visits him in Paris regularly and promotes the exhibitions at “Galleria Il Fante di Spade” in Roma with catalogue introduction by Antonio del Guercio and at “Galleria Mutina” in Modena. He move to New York where meets Schifano. They work in the same hotel and are joined by Tano Festa: life together, mythical boxing matches in the old Medison Square Garden. Schifano is friend of Larry Rivers and so they go round the rising American avantgarde. His exhibition at the “Gallery Odyssey” is successful: articles on “Times” 11 June, “New York Herald Tribune” 22 may “New York Times” 29 may with paintings illustrations and text by Steward
Preston Meanwhile in Paris Recalcati is invited to take part with other young painters to the annual exhibition of the “Ecole de Paris” that takes place at the “Galerie Charpentier”. All the abstractionist avangarde refuses to agree to them and prefers to abandon this historical tradition. The Gallery “Valerie Saint Germain” exhibits “La Passion dans le desert” from a novel by Balzac painted by Aillaud, Arroyo and Recalcati, with a text by Daniel Anselme.

The “Passion” is exhibited at the “Kunsthalle” in Lund, Sweden. Le “Figarò litteraire” publishes a cartoon on the three painters painting the same picture.
Takes part to “Salon de Mai” and to “Salon de la Jeunes Peintures”, at the “Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris”. At the Gallery “Creuze” with “Figuration Narrative”, exhibition conceived by Gerald Gassiot Talabot. Exhibition of the second series of collective pictures painted with Aillaud and Arroyo titled “Vivre au laisser mourir , la fin tragique de Marcel Duchamp” with a great scandal. More than one hundred surrealist (sic) intellectuals sign a “Manifesto” against the three authors. Instead Marcel Duchamp with humor visits the exhibition and sign the Livre d'or. He is the representative of Italy in the Biennial of Sao Paulo. Exhibition at “Les Galeries Pilote” in Lausanne; “Groupe 65” at Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris; “Il Presente contestato” in Bologna. He is awarded in Marseille with “Prix le Provencal”.

1966 – Exhibition at the Galerie Smith in Bruxelles “Recalcati: Seven years at Galerie Smith”. In Paris personal exhibition at “Galerie André Schoeller”: Salvador Dalì is present on the opening day, 4 May. New exhibition in Rome at “Galleria Fante di Spade” with catalogue introduction by Gérald Gassiot Talabot.
He takes part in “Salon de Mai”, in the exhibitions “Salon de la Jeune Peinture” in Paris and “Figuration Narrative” in Praha.

On the magazine “Art International”of September a long article by Talabot “Le Peintre masqué”. Exhibition “Aillaud Arroyo Recalcati” at “Fante di Spade” Gallery in Rome. Catalogue introduction by Renato Barilli. The “Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris” buys the painting exhibited at “Salon de la Jeune Peinture”.
In Antibes meeting with Jacques Prevert and beginning of a deep and long friendship.

1967 – Takes part to the “Salon de la Jeune Peinture”. Journey to Venezuela with Aillaud and Arroyo for the exhibition at the “Fundacion Mendoza” in Caracas.
Followed by a journey to Mexico and New York. Return to Paris for “Salon de Mai” in June. Return to Milan where prepare an exhibition at Piero Fedeli's “Studio Bellini”.
Journey to Cuba in June with artist and intellectuals of the french delegation. Takes part to the great collective painting made by the artist of “Salon de Mai”.
In September takes part to the “V Biennale de Paris” and to the exhibition organized by Gerald Gassiot Talabot “La bande dessinée et la figuration narrative” at the “Musée des Ars Decoratifs” in Paris. Buzzati asks him for posing. He wants to make a book with a modern revisitation of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Buzzati as painter will make an extraordinary series of drawings. Recalcati will give his face to Orpheus, as a modern rock music player.

1968 – Return to Paris. After the May 1968 he return to Milan and works at “Biografia Immaginaria 1962-1972”: ten years between reality and imagination, where his past, present and future painting run one another, and real and unreal facts are mixed as in a real-unreal dream. This series is exhibited at gallery “Il Fante di Spade” in Rome, at “Galleria Eunomia” in Milan and “Galérie Valerie Schmidt” in Paris. This exhibition is organized the friend and writer Michel Rachline. In September painting of a series of pictures for the movie “Ils” by Jean Daniel Simon.

1970 – In April exhibition at Olivetti Foundation in Copenhagen; in Milan at “Galleria Eunomia” exhibition “Recalcati 1962-1966”. The texts are by Gérard Gassiot Talabot, Enrico Crispolti and Antonio del Guercio. In October departure for a new stay in New York; illustration of a tale by David Ohle on “Esquire”. He returns in Paris with a new series of paintings titled “Interno Americano”.
1971 – Exhibition in Paris at “Galérie Armand Zerbib” of the paintings for the movie by Jean Daniel Simon. The friend Jacques Prevert write the poem “Interieur Americain”dedicated to his paintings. It will be the preface of the catalogue of the exhibition at “ Il Fante di Spade” in Rome of the paintings made in New York. In November the same exhibition is proposed in Milan at “Palazzo dell'Arengario”. In the catalogue also a text by Alain Jouffroy. Many articles on newspapers in Rome and Milan, among these the one written on 28 November on Corriere della Sera, the last written for him by his friend Dino Buzzati.
1972 – Return to Paris and on the end of January exhibition of “Interieur Americain”at “Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris”. Short journey to New York and new atélier in Paris. Takes part to “Salon de Mai”, “Biennale di Milano” and “Arte Contro” in Bologna.

1973 – In Paris painting of a series of pictures titled “La Boheme de Chirico”. It is an unconventional and ironic reading of the great Giorgio. The metaphysical monuments in the squares are transformed in physical objects as sandwich, macaroni dish, Parma ham, etc. The exhibition at the “Galérie Mathias Fels” in Paris gets a great success of the critics. The text of the catalogue is by Alain Jouffroy. The president Pompidou, ill, sends a jeep from Elyseum palace to have some paintings to be looked.

Sixth journey to the Far East.

1974 – Exhibitions at “Galleria Jean Boghici” in Rio de Janeiro, at “Galérie Rinoceros” a Paris. In Milan at “Galleria Cortina” with “Boheme de Chirico” paintings, with catalogue texts by Alain Jouffroy, Gilbert Lascault and Reno Cortina. Carrying out of 31 collages for the book “Il Pianeta Buzzati” Edizione Apollinaire, Milan. Prized with “Oscar de la Peinture” at the Sixth Painting Festival in Cagnes sur Mer (France).

1975 – The Publisher and friend Christian Borgois publishes the book “ Les Empreintes de Recalcati 1960-1962”- Text by Alain Jouffray and layout by Roman Cizlevich.
The theater director Klaus Michael Gruber asks his collaboration for the stage designing of “Empedokles Hölderlin Lesen” for the “Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer” theatre in Berlin: this is the beginning of his collaboration with the theatre. Exhibition at the “Maison de la Culture” of Rennes in France of the series of paintings inspired by
the story of Topino Le Brun guillotined during Napoleonic regime on 31 January 1801: this date will be the title of this series of paintings.
1976 – Takes part to “XXXVII Biennale di Venezia” The “Galérie Fred Lanzenberg” exhibits the series “31 Janvier 1801”. The Musée d'Ixelles buys a big painting. Exhibition at “Galérie Paul Facchetti” in Paris. Pontus Hulten designated director of the new Musée Nationale d'Art Moderne, exhibits 120 paintings from 1960 to 1962 at the Centre Nationale d'Art Contemporain (CNAC) a Paris.
1977 – On the opening of the “Centre Pompidou” the paintings on “Topino le Brun”are displayed in an exhibition conceived by Alain Jouffroy and wanted by Pontus Hulten, including Monory, Dufour, Velickovic, Chanbas, Fromanger and Errò. He takes part to the exhibition “Mithologies Quotidiennes” at “Musée de la Ville de Paris”.
1978 – Taking part to “XXXVIII Biennale di Venezia” to the exhibition “Images Detournée”. Exhibition “Peintures and Guillottine” at “Musée de la Vieille Charité” in Marseille, opened by Gaston Deferre and Edmond Charles-Roux. Exhibition “Biennale de la Critique” at the “Musée d'Art Moderne” of Anverse and Charleroi.
Personal exhibition at the “Galleria Gastaldelli” in Milan and “Galleria Gissi” in Turin.
1979 – Personal exhibition at the “ Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris” with the series titled “Huil sur toile”. It's a query on painting, on the means of painting , on the reason of painting. Exhibition at “Galérie Nina Dausset” in Paris. He takes part to exhibition “Trends of Art in France 1969 – 1979” at the “ Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris” and to the exhibition “La famille des Portraits” at the “Musée des Arts Decoratives” in Paris.
1980 – Bored with Paris, on January 1980 he moves to New York where stays five years; he will return to Paris on April 1th 1985.
The “Maeght Foundation” in Saint Paul de Vence exhibits their drawings: among them there are three by Recalcati.
He takes part to the exhibitions “Trends of the European Modern Art” at the “Gallery Pierre Cardin” in New York; “Small Works by Big Artists” at the“Gallery Sneed” in Rockford – Illinois; “1870-1970 un siecle de paysages de France” at the Ghinza Stores in Tokio; and with Bonalumi at the “Yves Arman Gallery” in New York.
The exhibition of the drawings of the Maeght Foundation are showed in all the United States.

Exhibitions “Realismo e Nuova Figurazione” at the “Galleria Montrasio” in Monza, and “Il Segno Sensibile. Trent’anni d’arte Italiana 1950-1980” at the Villa Manzoni in Lecco.
1982 – Alain Jouffroy is in Tokio as cultural attaché; taking part to the exhibition titled “Figuration de Cézanne à aujord’hui”and, in Seul to the one titled “Nouvelle Figuration”.
Return to New York and beginning of a great series of paintings on the basket-grounds in the streets of New York.
1985 - Back to Paris on April 1st, with the american paintings. The art dealers Didier Imbert and Nello di Meo organize exhibitions in Paris at “Fiac” , in Venice at “Sima Salone Internazionale dei Mercanti d'Arte” and at “Hotel de Ville” in Villurbane, Lyon.
1987 – Moving to Milan in a new residence and painting activity. Exhibition “A la Rencontre de Jacques Prévert” at “Maeght Foundation”. Painting a series of pictures with subject a lonely walk after a storm: the New York memories.
Milan dedicates to him a great personal retrospective exhibition at “Palazzo Reale-Salone delle Cariatidi”, titled “Recalcati dall’impronta all’immagine”, that will be exhibited again in Rome at “Museo di Roma”- Palazzo Braschi.
1988 – Again exhibitions, but no more painting. Beginning of a long period without painting that will have an end only on 1996.
1990 – The ceramics manufactory “San Giorgio” in Albisola invites him “to make a ceramic vase”. Reluctant, he goes to Albisola and just touching the fresh clay, a new creativity springs up. In one year he makes about one thousand vases and outlines. The vases are broken, tortured, strangled, bounded, wounded. The millenarian shape of vases has been always respected, painted and decorated, but never violated. The action made on the vase is equivalent to the one by Fontana cutting the canvas. On the following years, till today, you can see the influence that this action had on the new forms of ceramics, porcelain and glass. Sometimes, real copies and plagiarism.

From 1990 to 1992 the vases are exhibited in Milan, Paris, in four German museums. The publisher Hirmer of Munich publishes three editions of the book “Terracotta” in german, english and italian, edited by Volker Feierabend. Still in 1992 Recalcati realizes that his “Bozzetti” (outlines) can be considered sculptures, brings them to Carrara and begins a series of marbles. He uses marbles of different colors, His work is opposite to the tradition, as his ceramic work. He use the marble as a soft, flexible and domesticated matter. He carries on his ceramics works at Bottega dei Gatti in Faenza and his sculptures at the Studio Angeli in Querceta.

1996 – Return to the painting with a series of pictures titled “Souvenir de Essaouria” after a journey in Morocco with the friend Aldo Mondino.
Carrying out of the mural painting dedicated to the victims of the Shoa for the “Sinagoga degli Argenti” in Casale Monferrato.
1999 - Return to Paris, and painting the series “Le nu et la mort “ from a dream or a vision had during the long days passed in the reanimation room.
2000 - He leaves Paris and returns to Milan to follow treatments.
2003 – Again in Paris to paint, but he feels a changed air around him. After two years he returns to Milan definitely. He is one of the five Italians invited at the exhibition Paris Capital of the Arts, 1900-1968” at the “Royal Academy” of London that the following year will be exhibited at the“Museum Guggenheim”
2006 – He is prized with “Premio Presidente della Repubblica”, proposed by the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca.

2007- A great painting inspired by the last supper by Leonardo da Vinci is exhibited at “Ultime ultime cene”, exhibition at the “Galleria Gruppo Credito Valtellinese” Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan Personal exhibition at Accademia di San Luca in Rome titled “Cinque momenti dal'60 allo'06”. Fifty years from the first personal exhibition. Retaking of the theme of the “impronte” of the sixties', now named “le impronte rivisitate”.
2010 – Personal exhibition at “Galleria del Palazzo Coveri” in Florence, titled “Antonio Recalcati-Sunset Boulevard”, with the latest and unpublished works.
2011 – Painting of a series of pictures titled “ La nascita dell'Italia”.

Personal Exhibitions
Galleria Totti, Milan
Galleria Pater, Milan
Galleria Cavallino, Impronte, Venice
Galerie Smith, Empreintes, Bruxelles
Impronte Galleria del Naviglio, , Milan
Galerie Smith, Empreintes, Bruxelles
Galleria Il Punto, Turin
Galleria II Fante di Spade, Rome
Odyssea Gallery, New York City
Galerie Andre Schoeller, Paris
Galleria Mutina, Modena
Galerie Smith, “Recalcati: Seven years at Galérie Smith”., Bruxelles.
Galleria II Fante di Spade, Rome
Fundación Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela
Studio Bellini, Milan
Galleria II Vaglio, Florence
Galleria II Tempo, Bologna
Galleria II Fante di Spade, Serie autobiografica 1962/1972, Rome
Galleria Eunomia, Serie autobiografica 1962/1972, Milan
Galerie Valérie Schmidt, Serie autobiografica, 1962/1972, Paris
Olivetti Foundation, Copenaghen
Galleria Eunomia, Recalcati 1963/1966, Milan
Galerie Armand Zerbib, paintings for the movie “Ils”, Paris
Galleria II Fante di Spade, Interno americano, Rome
Interno americano Palazzo dell’Arengario, Milan
ARC-Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, “Interieur Americain”, Paris
Galerie Mathias Fels, La Bohème de Chirico, Paris
Galleria Cavour, La Bohéme de Chirico, Milan
Galleria Cavour, 31 collages for the book Il pianeta Buzzati, Edizioni Apollinaire, Milan
Maison de la Culture, Rennes
Galerie Rhinocéros, Paris
Galerie Fred Lanzemberg, Bruxelles
Galerie Paul Facchetti, Paris
C.N.A.C., Impronte 1960-1962, Parigi, organized by the Centre Georges Pompidou
Galleria Gastaldelli, Milan
Galleria Gissi, Turin
ARG-Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris
Galerie Nina Dausset, Paris
Yves Arman Gallery, New York
Hotel de Ville, West 3rd Street, Villeurbanne, Lyon
West 3rd Street, Galerie Didier Imbert Fine Arts, Paris
Palazzo Reale, “Recalcati: dall’impronta all’immagine”, Milan
Museo di Roma, Palazzo Braschi, “Recalcati: dall’impronta all’immagine”, Rome
Galleria Daverio, After Storm, Milan
Galeria Gamarra y Garrigues, Antonio Recalcati: Disegni 1957-1987, Madrid
Galleria Farsetti, Pitture e Disegni dal debutto agli anni ’60, Milan
Galleria Daverio, Ceramiche, Milan
Gallerie de France, Terracotta, Paris
Montrasio Arte: Retrospettiva 1957/1964, Monza
Museum Ludwig, Terracotta, Köln
Museum Sprengel, Terracotta, Hannover
Museum WilheIm-Lehmbruck, Terracotta, Duisburg
Skulpturen Museum, Terracotta, Glaskasten
Biennale di Venezia, Sala di scultura
Recalcati 1958-1993: Pitture Sculture Ceramiche, Galleria Credito Valtellinese, Palazzo Sertoli,
Sondrio Ceramiche, Galleria Luisa delle Piane, Milan
Antonio Recalcati 1956/1996: Pitture, Ceramiche, Centro culturale A. Manzoni, Bresso
Souvenir d’Essaouira, Chiostro di S. Agostino, Pietrasanta
Museo Internazionale della Ceramica Faenza, Antonio Recalcati: un viatico per la scultura
Galleria Gastaldelli, Milan
Galleria Archivio, Mantova
Galleria di Meo, Arte Fiera, Bologna
Mano a Mano - 1959/1999, Villa Tamaris Pacha, La Seyne-sur-Mer
Galerie Lavignes-Baslille, Le Retour, Paris
Ecrire la Peinture, Galerie Lucien Schweitzer, Luxembourg
La passione della libertà, Galleria Gruppo Valtellinese, Refettorio delle Stelline, Milan
Le acque di Mosè, sculture, Sinagoga degli Argenti, Casale Monferrato
Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, Cinque momenti dal ’60 allo ’06, Rome
Galérie UFN Confluence, Lione (with Arroyo)
Montrasio Arte, Milan
Museo Civico Floriano Bodini, Gemonio
Saletta Veratti, Varese
Sala Mostre, Besozzo
Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme, Cent Lumières pour Casale Monferrato, Paris
Galleria del Palazzo-Coveri, Antonio Recalcati Sunset Boulevard, Florence

Collective Exhibitions
Circolo della Stampa: Esposizione internazionale dell’autoritratto, Milan
Prize “Tavolozza d’argento” assigned to Recalcati
Centro San Fedele, Recalcati, Soldini, Verga, Milan
Galerie le Soleil dans la Tête, Gouaches, Paris
Galerie le Soleil dans la Tête, Art Interplanétaire, Paris
Centro San Fedele, Milan
Galleria Brera, Antiprocesso, Esposizione collettiva (Baj, Crippa, Dova, Erro, Lebel, Recalcati),
Nuove prospettive della pittura italiana, Bologna
Alternative attuali, l’Aquila
Prix César de Sesto (assigned a Recalcati), Sesto Calende
Galleria Luca Scacchi Gracco: (Adami, Bergolli, Peverelli, Recalcati, Romagnoni), Milan
Piccadilly Gallery, Nouvelle Figuration, London
Palazzo Strozzi, Nouvelle Figuration, Florence
3° Biennale, Paris
Galleria Luca Scacchi Gracco, Milan
Galerie Claude Levin, L’abattoir, Paris
4° Biennale of Mediterranean, Alexandria, Egypt
Salon de Mai, Paris
Prix Lefranc per la pittura giovane assigned to Recalcati
Salon de la Jeune Peinture, Paris
Salon de Mai, Paris
Museo Von Schoenkiinsi, Figuration et Défigurationm de Picasso a nos jours, Gand, Belgium
Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Mythologies Quotidiennes, Paris
32° Biennale, Venice
“Pop Art, Nouveau Réalisme, Nouvelle Figuration”, Kunstmuseum Berlin, and subsequentlt in
Bruxelles, Vienna and Haye
Galerie Benjamin Katz, L’abattoir, Berlin
Galeria Jean Boghici, Rio de Janeiro
Galerie Saint Germain, Une passion dans le Désert (with Aillaud e Arroyo), Paris
Biennale of San Paolo, Brasil
Art Gallery of Lund, Sweden
Galerie Creuze, Vivre et Laisser Mourir (with Aillaud e Arroyo), Paris
Galerie Pilote, Lausanne
Musèe d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Groupe 65, Paris
Salon de la jeune peinture, La Figuration Narrative, Paris
Salon de Mai, Paris
Galerie André Schoeller, 28 peintres d’aujourd’hui à Paris, Paris
Il presente contestato, Bologna
Prix Le Provencal assigned to Recalcati, Marseille
Salon de la jeune peinture, Paris
Salon de Mai, Paris
Biennale of Milan
Museum of Modern Art, La Figuration Narrative, Praha
Galleria Il Fante di Spade, «Aillaud, Arroyo, Recalcati», Rome
«Pitture e Fotografie», Monza
Musée des Arts Decorative, La Bande Dessinée et la Figuration Narrative, Paris
Salon de la jeune peinture, Paris
Salon de Mai, Paris
5a Biennale, Paris
Salon de Mai, La Habana, Cuba
Salon de Mai, Paris
Biennale of Milan
Arte Contro, Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea, Bologna
Salon de Mai, Paris
Salon de Mai, Paris
Galleria Jean Boghici, Rio de Janeiro
Galerie Rencontre, Paris
6° Festival de la Peinture, Prix Oscar del la Peinture assigned to Recalcati, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
Espace 2000, Bruxelles
XXXVII Biennale di Venezia
Centre Georges Pompidou, Guillotine et Peinture, Paris
Musée de l’Annonciade, Le Drapeau, Saint-Tropez
Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Mythologies Quotidiennes, Paris
XXXVIII Biennale di Venezia
Centre Georges Pompidou, Images Détournées, Paris
Musée de la Vieille Charité, Le Drapeau, Marseille
Biennale de la Critique, Musée d’Art Moderne, Charleroi
Tendance de l'Art èn France 1969/1979, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris
La Famille des Portraits, Musée des Arts Decoratives, Paris
Fondazione Maeght, Dessins de la Fondation Maeght, Sant-Paul de Vence
Gallery Sneed, Petits Travaux par de Grands Artistes, Rockford, Illinois, USA
Stores Ghinza, 1870/1970, un siede de paysages de France, Tokyo
Institute Marion Koogler McNay, Dessins de la Fondation Maeght, San Antonio, Texas
Dessins de la Fondation Maeght, Detroit (Michigan, USA), Evanston (Ulinois, USA)
Dessins de la Fondation Maeght, West Palm Beach (Floride, USA)
Realismo e nuova figurazione, Galleria Montrasio, Monza
Trent’anni d’Arte Italiana 1950/1980: le Signe Sensible, Villa Manzoni, Lecco
Figuration de Cézanne à aujourd’hui, Bridgestone Museum, Tokyo
Nouvelle Figuration en France, Gallery Seul, Seul, Korea
Raphaël et l’Art Francais, Galérie Nationale du Grand Palais, Paris
L’arte Pop e l’Italia, Château Visconteo, Pavia
SIMA-Salone Internazionale dei Marcanti d’Arte, Venice
FlAC-Foire Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea, Paris
A la rencontre de Jacques Prévert, Fondation Maeght, Saint-Paul de Vence
Enca, Galleria des Poncettes, Nice
Gli anni ’60, Centro d’Arte Contemporanea, Abbaye Saint-André Meymac
30ma Biennale of Milan
Arte di Milano, Galleria Montrasio, Milan
Palazzo della Permanente, Milan
“Intorno agli anni ’60”, Chiostro di S. Domenico, Imola
1976-1988: Les Prix de Montrouge, Montrouge
Estampes et Révolution 200 ans aprés, Centre Nationale des Arts Plastiques C.N.A.P., Paris
1789-1989: le Témoignage de la Peinture, Halles d’Avranche, Béziers
1789/1989 - 200 ans de Révolution Francaise, Kunstalle, Berlin
Aspects de la Figuration dans les Années 60, Palazzo dell’Arte, Tolosa, Rouen, Nantes
L’Artista e la Ceramica, Villa Gavotti della Rovere, Albisola, Galleria Credilo Valtellinese, Palazzo
delle Stelline, Milan
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Works by Antonio Recalcati

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