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Antonio La Rosa

1976 Carbonia, Italy

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Antonio La Rosa is an artist, performer and free thinker, He has been an actor in Italian theaters for approximately 15 years and today he devotes his time mainly to sculpture, painting and writing.
Born on April 18, on an easter Sunday in 1976, Antonio grew up in Calasetta, on the island of Sant'Antioco in the southwest of Sardinia. He moved to Rome to study acting with maestro Carlo Merlo and then to Los Angeles with maestro Bernard Hiller.
He begins his pictorial journey, in a completely casual and unexpected way, which grows up following the footsteps of artists met  between Italy and Germany;
Parallel to painting, Antonio La Rosa dedicates himself to sculpture using iron as the main material, as if to pay homage to the tradition of his family. In fact Antonio had his first contacts with iron in young age, when he put foot, for the first time, in the metalworking workshop of his father, where the scraps, (refuses of work processes) scattered everywhere. These  were inviting muses which inspired imaginary objects that later took concrete life in sculptural forms.
Antonio La Rosa has also an important artistic enrichment, from his meeting with the sculptor Pinuccio Sciola during the last years of the Master's life.
In 2016 he created the art work Twin Towers Embrace, currently exhibited in the artistic waterfront of Golfo Aranci in the Sardinian Smeralda Coast.
Always in 2016 Antonio created a mural artwork for the Me Amigos Association, of the Municipality of San Sperate country Museum and with the approval of Maestro Pinuccio Sciola to whom the approximately 40 square meter ARTwork will be dedicated.
In 2018 he was chosen by the municipality of Vinci to create the commemorative monument for the 500 years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci, for which he created Genius, a 7.5 meters work, in Corten steel.
In 2019 Antonio receives the Ponte Vecchio award in piazzale Michelangelo, Florence. In 2020 he presents the preview of The Shark Secret installation in Portorotondo, Sardinia. Since 2015 he is carrying out "SporchiAmoci le Mani di Vita" artproject, born during the exhibition at the Exmà Museum and  currently he has a dozen canvases and murales made with several thousand people. Since the same year he has held meetings at elementary, mid and high schools talking about art. In 2015 he also publishes his first book entitled "Pensieri sparsi tra equilibri instabili" (scattered thoughts among unstable balances), published by Susil, which contains artistic and life experiences and many poems.
Over the last decade, Antonio La Rosa exhibited in Cagliari, Catanzaro, Piacenza, Rome, Milan, Nice, Porto Rotondo, Costa Smeralda.

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