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Spiegel Ei


, Mixed Media

52 x 72cm

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Antje Dorn’s first exhibition was Art Frankfurt 1997 at Art Frankfurt in Frankfurt/Main in 1997, and the most recent exhibition was "Blue is hot and Red is cold" - Hommage an A. R. Penck at Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie. GmbH in Essen in 2020. Antje Dorn is mostly exhibited in Germany, but also had exhibitions in Switzerland, France and elsewhere. Dorn has 17 solo shows and 34 group shows over the last 23 years (for more information, see biography). Dorn has also been in 10 art fairs but in no biennials. The most important show was Stuff at Museum Folkwang Essen in Essen in 2011. Other important shows were at Immanence, espace d'art contemporain in Paris and Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in Dusseldorf. Antje Dorn has been exhibited with François Morellet and Dieter Roth. Antje Dorn’s art is in 6 museum collections, at Museum Ludwig in Cologne and Berlinische Galerie in Berlin among others. Antje Dorn is ranked among the Top 10,000 globally. Dorn’s best rank was in 1999, the artist’s rank has improved over the last two years, with the most dramatic change in 2007. For a complete illustration of the artist’s career since 1997, please see the career chart on the trends page.