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Meissen, United States

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What drives a painter, the various possibilities of their medium - in against a simple on first glance art - color, Peinture, texture? It is the challenge, with reduced means to achieve the complex effect surfers opulent painting - display spaces, people and even surfaces. And of course, Annette Schröter is a contemporary artist who as we all must live with the rupture, the sealed since one and a half centuries, the end of the classical ideal of beauty, caused by mass production and industrial mass production, the "beautiful and good" under a tremendous surge of Reproductions Kitsch and mass culture buried. Annette Schröter's unique selling point is the all-new, amazing and perfect application of the apparently for centuries outdated and dusty medium paper cut.


Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig 
Essl Collection, Vienna / A 
Hamburg Cultural Office 
Art collection of the Sparkasse Leipzig 
Print Room, Dresden 
State central Berlin 
Upper Hessian State Museum Giessen 
Saxon Parliament, Dresden 
Collection Selinka, Ravensburg 
Sparkasse Wilhelmshaven 
State Art Collections, Dresden 
Town of Wiesloch 
Composite Gas AG, Leipzig 
Management Company Office GmbH, Federal Chancellery, Berlin