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Born in 1943 in the Drôme, France, she has been living in Quebec since 1969. Her family did not want her to pursue a career in art, so she studied literature, political science and administration, while continuing her artistic endeavours that began in childhood.

For her, art transcends all other activities in life. Drawing, painting, seeing and even occasionally modeling and sculpting is her way of existing and being happy.

The artist is especially attracted by the representation of movement according to a style and a technique of her own which consists in mixing on a support of canvas or white or colored paper, spots of color and drawing in superimposition. Her favorite subjects are anything that moves: the naked human body, dancers, skaters, musicians caught in a burst of passion, birds in flight or taking off, flowers in the wind, horses with wild manes or a mixture of several of these elements carried away in the same whirlwind.

Unclassifiable, the artist does not belong to any school. The plurality of his sources of inspiration and training, as well as a strong and original personality have contributed to this result which is both contemporary and classical, academic and totally personal. If the artist is unclassifiable, his paintings resist framing unless the framer has the astuteness not to enclose the canvas to preserve the space of freedom dear to the artist.

Anne Marrec was awarded the Chevalier des Palmes académiques by France in 2001. She received this distinction with the pride and satisfaction of being recognized for both her academic contribution and her artistic work.

At the same time, her name was included in the latest version of the French catalog Benezit, a directory that is part of French art history. Honored by France, it is mainly on the North American continent that the artist's work is marketed. This double belonging, a bit paradoxical, makes the artist smile, who does not deny her European origins and manifests on all occasions her taste for the North American continent (particularly for Quebec) where she has chosen to live permanently since it offers her the space conducive to great impulses.