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Rennes, France

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Région parisienne

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Anne Guillotel or the joy of painting

Anne Guillotel was born in 1963 and lives and works in the Fontainebleau region. Trained at the faculty of plastic arts in Paris, and at the University of Hamburg in art history, she exhibits regularly in France and abroad. She has participated twice in the Salon de Montrouge and was presented at the Malta Biennial. She collaborates with the Cécile Dufay Gallery, after having been represented by Charlotte Norberg. Presented at the AAF Brussels in 2021, she benefited from a solo show in April 2022 in Paris. 

What strikes you first in her work is the strength and vivacity of her gesture. Inspired by Picasso, Lüpertz, Baselitz and Gauguin, she brushes her scenes with great, perfectly controlled strokes, whose subject and palette change according to the series. Her work explores the dynamics of color: an airy gesture for a blue series, a calm and strong gesture for a red-brown series, a wild gesture for a multicolored series. His painting is a music, and explores all the nuances of the joy of painting: gesture, vision, material, color variations. Large and small formats give off the same energy. Her painting is a resourcing. As a child, she missed the "evening stories" that her parents, too busy, could not tell her. She now spends her life telling us her own, a mixture of life experience and unbridled imagination, which juxtaposes the two in a whole that the color harmonizes.