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Anna Schachinger

1990 Austria

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Austrian-Ecuadorian, Vienna-based artist Anna Schachinger (b. 1990).

Anna Schachinger is a painter. Her paintings have a lot going on. Labored, tough, elegant, messy, highly distilled, challenging, and utterly unique, what she does feels if not poorly behaved, then ungrudgingly unorthodox. Not only is each painting radically different from whatever preceded it, her subject matter refuses to submit to traditional taxonomies of abstraction or figuration. Technique itself also varies; sometimes the byproduct of a concerted and delicate mark making, the work is, at other times, the result of what appears to have been a really brutal process. It’s as if she were a liminal painter, a painter of thresholds, or constantly on the brink, but to characterize her as such might suggest that her work is ambivalent, lacks an aesthetic compass or conviction, which is not the case, at all. Interested in the confines that bound the medium, her motley pictures seek to collide with and exceed those limits and divisions wherever possible. Beauty, and the typically all over patterns which compose it in her work, is often pushed to the point of saturation, of too much.

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