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Anna Muller

Izhevsk, Russian Federation

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Works by Anna Muller

Double Sense 4


40 x 60 x 2cm


Double sense 3


38 x 60 x 2cm

1430,00 €

Double Sense 2


70 x 85 x 2cm


Double sense


70 x 88 x 2cm


Anna Muller is a photographer and collage artist based in Paris France.  
Shaped by three very different cultures, Anna was born in 1981 and raised in the Russian provinces. For several years in her 20s she lived in Tokyo, Japan where the rich traditions of Japanese culture played a major part in the development of her self-discipline, attention to detail and responsiveness. 

For the last ten years Anna has been living in France, where she received a European Masters of Photography degree from the Spéos Paris Photographic Institute.  
A laureate of international photography competitions and art fairs, Anna has presented her work in several collective and personal exhibitions. In 2021 she became a finalist of Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyeres, Villa Noailles. 

“The process of creating collages gives me a state of complete freedom. I would even go as far as to say a euphoric state for the fact is with this process, for me personally, there is no framework, no restrictions. Simply having a few elements available to me can result in almost infinite creative possibilities. Sitting in my studio, surrounded by magazines, selecting pages, individual pieces. Cutting, connecting, mixing, moving, repeating until the elements begin to form a single story. Realising the right combination, first in colour which is always my initial guide and reference, and only then in form and meaning. Throughout the process, there is no place for logic and rationality. I enter an almost childlike state completely immersed within my own game. There is no greater delight than the one I feel when the game is over and everything falls into place: the characters, their mood, and their relationship with one another”