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Andrea Milano

1974 Milan, Italy

23 Works exhibited

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Andrea Milano was born in the world of photography, his father was photographer and he allowed him to play with his cameras. Since he was a child, he became passionate about this world and enjoyed experimenting with camera rolls. After several years he started working with still-life photos with an optical bench. Subsequently he shoots with digital cameras for various international cosmetic brands. Among other things he deals with sports photography, portraits, fashion, cosmetics.

Since 2006 he has collaborated with some photographic artists as a press consultant and organization of exhibitions: Gabriele Basilico, Dario Zucchi, Oliviero Toscani, Pino Musi, Mario Cresci and Marina Abramović are some examples. In 2010 he began a collaboration with Eric Denker, professor and responsible for visits and conferences at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

From 2016, a new personal path leads him to search for his own style.
Andrea Milano did not follow a traditional study course. Andrea became passionate about photography as a child handling his father's cameras. Once he grew up he learned by collaborating with other photographers and studying by himself moved by his great curiosity to learn and experiment.

Many elements combine to determine the identity card of Andrea Milano's art production: the metropolis and its movement, the pop colors of his women, the de-construction and distortion of the image emphasizing the micro as well as the macro, the "Pictorial" of the same through the saturation of the color and the juxtaposition of the elements of the composition. The artist modifies perspectives, colors, shapes, to create surreal combinations, or better, extrareali compared to everyday reality: "extrareali" instead of "surreal"; Andrea Milan does not care about that quota of "superior reality" dear to the Surrealists, because for him even the "reality" that he delivers to us through his shots is in his own way ... real.

"Untitled" at Palazzo di Vetro, Como. December 2017

"Monochrome" at Blank Wall Gallery Athens, 2018

Works by Andrea Milano

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