To Dream, to Collect


Amedeo Sanzone

1968 Napoli, Italy

4 Works exhibited

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He began his activity as a painter in his father's art workshop, combining a direct and manual experience of painting with a path of studies entirely based on artistic research. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, he deepened his studies of "aesthetics" through a degree in philosophy at the University Federico II of Naples. His artistic research moves from a figurative investigation to a rigorous and linear language, trained at his father's workshop before undertaking artistic and philosophical studies, he never abandoned the traditional conception of art as a joint creation of hands and mind. It was philosophy that had a considerable influence on her production, which progressively freed itself from the pictorial 'incrustations' in search of an underlying spiritual dimension.

The object of the research is the balance between an application, the space in which it is immersed and the color.  Balance that actually hides a strong mystical tension and the fragility of a harmony that can be lost at any moment. The main function of the application is to represent a physical reference from which to start to become aware of the emptiness of a surface that presents itself as reflective and mirroring. Surface that invites to a sort of journey among the reflected objects to realize immediately afterwards that it is actually a look without ever focusing in the black hole of our memory. Then we feel the need to cling again to that physical element, to that application that allows us to regain our fragile balance.  It is our consciousness, the depth of our soul to be represented. So the space of the surface becomes the space of our existence, the place where we find ourselves alone with ourselves.

 A monochromatic surface requires a vision of a contemplative nature, the dimension of silence, recollection, introspection are conditions without which it becomes difficult to get in tune and establish contact. An atmosphere of intimacy is necessary. Nothing should be distracting, distracting. Asceticism, understood as a moment of detachment, is certainly a condition to grasp the sense of the absolute to which one refers through a maniacal search for perfection, rigor and purity.     


Works by Amedeo Sanzone

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