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Works by Aloyzas Smilingis-Elis



21 x 33 x 21cm

8500,00 €

Beach II


17.5 x 42 x 19cm

9000,00 €

The Link


29.5 x 41 x 29cm

9500,00 €



68.5 x 94cm

15000,00 €



91 x 122cm

5600,00 €

Strange Mood


131 x 101 x 2.2cm

4900,00 €

Evening Violet


135.5 x 100cm

6200,00 €

Elis is a famous Lithuanian painter and sculptor. His talent for drawing was recognised when he was still a schoolboy. Determination to become a professional artist led him to the Academy of Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania. Search for self expression brought him into the three dimensional world of sculpture. Bronze, granite and other materials.


2019 Abstract Editions, ART GODA, Küsnacht
2018 Office Art: Abstract Editions, ART GODA, Zurich
2015 Paintings, A Gallery, Panevezys
2013 Painting. Sculpture.  Juskus Gallery, Vilnius
2002 “Lietuvos aido“ Gallery, Vilnius (Painting)
1988 Moletai, personal country studio.(Sculpture)
1981 Vilnius, Exhibition Hall. (Sculpture)
1980 Vilnius, Artist’s House. (Painting)
1975 Vilnius, Art Show-room. (Painting)
1975 Moletai, Lithuania. (Painting)


2018 Shapes of Soul & Mind, ART GODA, Zurich
2018 Zuric - Where Vilnius Meets New York, ART GODA, Zurich
2016 VII World Art Exihibition of Samogitians, Plunge
2013 Vilnius Academy of Arts, gallery “Titanikas”
2007 V World Art Exihibition of Samogitians, Plunge
2003 IV World Art Exihibition of Samogitians, Plunge
2002 New Artworks, LAA Gallery, Vilnius
1999 III World Art Exihibition of Samogitians, Plunge
1997 Quiet Modernism in Lithuania 1962 – 1982, Vilnius
1996 One Sculpture Show in Vilnius Downtown
1992 International Sculpture Quadrennial Riga’92.
1990 Exhibition of Self-Casted Bronze, Vilnius.
1990 World Art Exhibition of Samogitians (Lithuanian Lowlanders), Vilnius.
1989 World Art Exhibition of Samogitians, Klaipeda.
1987 Lithuanian Art Exhibition, Vilnius.
1986 Lithuanian Art Exhibition, Vilnius.
1984 Baltic Republics Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga.
1983 Soviet Sculpture Exhibition, Moscow.
1983 Exhibition of Lithuanian Artists in Cologne, Germany.
1983 Lithuanian Sculpture Exhibition, Vilnius.
1980 Baltic Republics Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga.
1980 Lithuanian Art Exhibition, Vilnius.
1976 Lithuanian Art Exhibition, Vilnius.
1975 Lithuanian Art Exhibition, Vilnius.
1973 Lithuanian Young Artists Exhibition, Vilnius.
1969 Lithuanian Young Artists Exhibition, Vilnius.
1968 Baltic Art Exhibition, Moscow.
1965 Lithuanian Watercolors Exhibition, Vilnius.
1964 Lithuanian Art Exhibition, Vilnius.

1980 Prize at the Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga .
1984 First Medal at the Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga.
1992 Prize at the International Sculpture Quadrennial Riga’92.
2007  Lithuanian Artists Association Award for Painting.