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Alice Pagnossin, founder of Ali Art Studio, was born in Treviso, Italy in June 1990.
From her early years one perceives in her a strong aesthetic taste developed in every
form of it; from an interest in drawing, to clothing and personal care in general. She
has developed various passions since she was a child; she approaches painting, sport
practiced at a competitive level, the study of music and musical instruments and she
is constantly looking for stimuli from the world around her.
During her teens she began to create jewelry for herself with different materials (lace,
leather, wood, resins) and to modify her clothes despite having no tailoring skills.
After undertaking a university course in a purely economic sector, she realizes that it
cannot be the right path for her creative nature and therefore decides to change
faculty graduating in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities
(EGART) to be able to work tomorrow in the world of art galleries or exhibitions in
general. Once she finished her studies she decided to leave for Australia, staying in
Sydney for 6 months and there, through the knowledge of an artist who was a friend
of the family and active in the city, for the first time she became interested in the
world of contemporary and modern art remaining fascinated.
Back in Italy, she collaborates in the creation and management of an exhibition of the
architecture biennale in Venice demonstrating a particular attitude for staging.
Pushed by the constant desire to learn new things and perfect her skills, she enrolled
in a Visual Merchandising course, earning a diploma and earning a place in the
register of Italian window dressers.
After a couple of years spent working as visual merchandiser and moved by the
desire to revolutionize the furniture of her living room, in May 2020 she developed
the idea of ​​creating paintings with a mixed technique consisting of drawing and
digital print transferred to canvas, all completed with acrylic paint. Her works begin
to be appreciated and requested not only by relatives and friends but also by new
people, pushing Alice to create Ali Art Studio and to create more and more works
thus refining her technique.
Her paintings, colorful and pop, are characterized by the presence of high fashion
brands and generally have a single subject highlighted by the background and details.
The visual language used is very simple and direct allowing anyone to understand its
essence and making the works accessible to a very wide audience.